PixiGlow Pirouette Pink

I mentioned the new Pixi collection, PixiGlow, in my recent post about the Carnaby Street store. The new collection features one exceptionally lovely nail polish called Pirouette Pink. At first glance it looked like just your standard bright pink, but on closer inspection it’s so much more than that! It has a really gorgeous but subtle gold shimmer running through it that gives it that extra bit of dimension. Pictured above with a replication of some really old nail art that I did in 2010, but it was pretty overcast when I took that photo. Below you can see how sunlight (and flash actually) really brings out the finish of this colour!

Pirouette Pink also looks particularly fantastic on darker skins – look at how beautiful it looks on Zara from Mouldy Fruit! The only problem I had with this polish was the formula, I don’t know if I just got a bad one but it was so thick and gloopy, bit of a pain to apply really but some polish thinner should sort it out. Even so, it’s totally worth it because it’s so pretty to look at. It lasts pretty well too, I think I wore this for 6 days before I changed it with no chips and only minor tipwear.

Are you a pink fan?

11 thoughts on “PixiGlow Pirouette Pink

  1. I love the look of Pixi. In fact, because i am a font addict, I love the logo of pixi, which reminds me of a font that i am very fond of, called ‘oz handicraft’. Pixi polishes is something I could see myself totally go for as the packaging is too cute, and if a few drops of thinner (which I already have at home) can make it perfect, then I don’t mind that.
    It’s the eyeshadows palette i can’t get my head round, simply because the casing is green or pink. I can cope with black or white casing but pink or green reminds me of fisher price toys lol xx

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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