A Fishy New Nail Trend

So. Caviar Nails. Everyone seems to love them. I, on the other hand, absolutely frigging abhor them.

I just don’t get it. WHY would you want a manicure inspired by bloody fish eggs? ‘Oh, but it’s so different and it has such great texture’. No. It just looks shit. It looks stupid. It’s the manicure equivalent of a child’s macaroni picture.

I just.. I can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe I’m just not fashionable enough to understand. To me, it just looks like a nasty fungus or disease. I intended to have a big old rant about how much I hate this nail look, but it’s literally rendered me speechless. And queasy. I literally get bile in my throat over it.

If you like the look of it, then great – but I beg of you not to be so foolish as to actually BUY this rubbish. They’re charging something ridiculous like £18 for a little bottle of pearls – you can buy the exact same thing from craft stores for a couple of quid. Not that you’d want to. Because it looks crap.

Sorry Ciate, this is just totally, TOTALLY crap in every conceivable way.

Rant over.

27 thoughts on “A Fishy New Nail Trend

  1. “It’s the manicure equivalent of a child’s macaroni picture”

    I laughed a lot. It’s true. Not only is this deeply silly, it is overpriced. As you rightly point out, this look can be achieved for a fraction of the price via a craft shop or eBay.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard about caviar nails. I couldn’t wear this even if I liked it – I pick it if something sticks up, so that wouldn’t be for me in the first place anyway.

  3. I thought I was the only blogger cringing and thinking YUCK every time this is mentioned or another twit pic appears. I don’t get it either, but then I am definitely NOT fashionable so maybe that is why. Once again for emphasis though…YUCK!!!

  4. Jesus. I´m thinking about eggs and fish growing into my nails and that´s so disgusting!!!!! This kind of manicure does look nice in the promo pictures, but I´ve seen girls on youtube and blogs wearing this and looks quite bad…

  5. I actually don’t mind the effect… On the promo pictures. However realistically, who is going to get them THAT perfect?
    The price is ridiculous but welcome to the world of paying for a name not a product.
    And well they aren’t exactly practical are they? Chances are, if you aren’t sat at home snacking on caviar yourself then you are either at work, looking after kids or cleaning the house and let’s face it, they aren’t going to last two minutes let alone the 2 days they claim.

  6. Child’s Macaroni picture- LOL! I think that possibly ‘possibly’ as a one off for say an event these nails might look ok- if done to the standard of the picture. I dont think they would last 2 days though, and certainly wont be purchasing or trying this kit myself. I just dont think they would stay on and they look a bit weird. I think possibly sparkles would look ok, as you sort of expect them to be 3D. A very divided beauty community! xx

  7. Haha this post has made my day! I agree, I just don’t get it. Pretty sure you could achieve the same thing with some of those little cake decoration sprinkles that would cost far less than £18!

  8. I hardly think this looks gross. It’s just dimensional glitter when you get down to it. Maybe not the most practical look, but I’ll try it for a night out.

  9. Oh my word, you have given me a right giggle with this post! I actually had no idea what caviar nails were until now, I kept hearing about them on Twitter but didnt realise what it actually was! I think it would be nicer if they did those colours in glitter instead, I’m not sure about having bobbly nails!? I certainly would try it out if I got my hands on a bottle but no way would I pay that much! I think I am on the fence as to whether it looks good or not, I think I would be worried about dirt building up between the bobbles! xx

  10. YES! The fact that you’re paying £18 for a thing of beads that you could get for, like £1 at a craft store, really pisses me off. It’s like, er, sorry Ciate, do you think I’m stoooopid?!

  11. Pahaha this made me giggle! Who wants bobbly fish egg nails? I get annoyed when I find bubbles in my top coat so this would drive me insane. Not to mention its a rip off. I’ll stick to conventional shiny smooth nails please xx

  12. The first time I saw these I honestly thought they were some kind of bug/fungus/disease. They make my skin crawl… That texture might look good on a clutch purse or something but on nail/lips it just looks nasty!

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