3 Years, 500 Posts, 2000 Followers – GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

This giveaway is now closed
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I know I haven’t done a ‘proper’ giveaway for AGES, so I wanted this one to be special. Especially special, because it marks not one, but THREE milestones in my blogging life. I’ve passed 2000 followers (2100 actually!), in a couple of days it will be my 3 year blogging anniversary, and this is my 500th post! Do Not Refreeze is such a massive part of my life, it’s given me the opportunity to make some amazing friends and experience so many different things. And none of that would have been possible without you guys, so I want to extend my thanks in the form of some lovely prizes*! :D

The Low-Down

This giveaway is going to work a bit differently. Inspired by the latest big thing in the blogosphere, BuyaPowa, the more people enter my giveaway, the more prizes will be added! How exciting!

There will be 3 prize bundles, and each of the prize bundles has one ‘biggie’ in it. Those prizes will be up for grabs from the get-go, numbered 1 in the list below. When 10 people enter, the product marked 2 on each list will be added. When 20 people enter, number 3 will be added, and so on. All clear? Let’s take a look at the prizes, then!

Prize Bundle 1

1. Sleek MakeUP Spotlight Kit
2. MaxFactor Fantasy Fire nail polish
3. Nails Inc. mini nail polish trio
4. Burt’s Bees Honey lip balm
5. KISS Nail Art striper trio (gold, pearl, silver)
6. OPI Metallic 4 Life nail polish
7. Sleek MakeUP Molten Metal (silver)
8. Orly Stone Cold nail polish
9. MaxFactor makeup bag with 2 mini polishes, mini mascara and mini eyeliner
10. Nail Rock nail wraps
11. MUA Out There plumping lip gloss (Shocking Pink)
12. The Body Shop Eye Shimmer (01)
13. Molton Brown Gingerlily shower gel

Prize Bundle 2

1. Royal & Langnickel SILK Pro 12pc brush set
2. MaxFactor Fantasy Fire nail polish
3. Illamasqua Cream Blush (Sob)
4. OPI Fall Fabulous duo (I’m Not Really A Waitress & William Tell Me About OPI)
5. RMK Eyeshadow (Metallic Silver)
6. Illamasqua Pure Pigment (Breathe)
7. KISS Nail Art striper trio (black, white, silver glitter)
8. Orly Emberstone nail polish
9. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm
10. 17 Nail Bar in a Bag mini kit
11. MUA Out There Plumping lip gloss (Peach Shimmer)
12. Clarins Extra Firming Body Creme

Prize Bundle 3

1. FrontCover Brush Work nail art kit
2. MaxFactor Fantasy Fire nail polish
3. Sleek MakeUP Paraguaya palette (LE, Discontinued)
4. Illamasqua Loella nail polish
5. KISS Nail Art striper trio (pink, green, blue)
6. Gorgeous Accessorize necklace (click here to see how it hangs!)
7. The Body Shop Super Volume mascara
8. Orly Glitz & Glamour nail polish
9. KISS Everlasting French nails
10. Models Own Jade Stone nail polish
11. MUA Sugar Lips tinted lip conditioner
12. Como Shambala Invigorate body lotion

*The prizes are a combination of things provided by companies and bought by myself.

The Rules

To enter, please be a follower via Google Friend Connect or another medium and leave a comment with the following…

:: Your name and email address (so I can contact you if you win! I suggest doing it in the form of leanne[at]donotrefreeze[dot]com to avoid spam)
:: Tell me what you would like to see more of on Do Not Refreeze – reviews, EOTDs/FOTDs, whatever you like!
:: Give me a suggestion for a nail design you’d like to see me try out – I need inspiration!
:: Your order of preference of the prize bundles
:: Giveaway closes on Monday 23rd April at midnight UK time

Only valid entries fulfilling all of the requirements above will count. Invalid entries will be deleted!

Well then, good luck everyone!

186 thoughts on “3 Years, 500 Posts, 2000 Followers – GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

  1. I am a GFC follower
    my id is thiamere
    my email is thiamere@kuririnmail.com

    I am really loving nail related posts these days so i would love for you to feature nail arts or new nail polishes collex in your country if possible.

    nail design…
    how about the classic black & white theme?
    or maybe animal prints?
    or how about cosmic theme?
    i love nail art!!!!

    i would love number 1 just because it has the sleek kit & fantasy fire! those are not available here & i would love to own it!

    then if not, then i’ll go for 2. that brush set looks so luxurious!

    & the 3rd one

    awesome giveaway,hun!

  2. Wow! This is totally rad. Congrats on three big celebrations!
    - I’m a GFC follower with the name Kia – Nailsncupcakes email is: kialuzula(at)gmail(dot)com
    - I would like to see more tutorials on nail art!
    - I love your flower and dot nail designs. Maybe something Kimono inspired?
    - Prize preference is prize bunde 2, then 1 then 3!

  3. This is such an awesome giveaway!

    My GFC follower name is Mel Giandzi at mgiandzi@hotmail.com

    What I would like to see on your blog perhaps is some guest bloggers and more nail art!

    Anything candy designed is a winner! I love doing my nails with candy art on it!! :-D

    Prize preference order would have to be 1,3 and then 2 but I would honestly be happy with any! They are such good prizes!

  4. My GFC follower name is Madelaine; madelaine.wood@magd.ox.ac.uk.

    I’d like to see some more FOTDs please! and nail art… hmmm maybe something olympics related thats simple enough for nnewbies like me to have a go at!

    Prize preference order would be 1 2 3 but if I was lucky enought to win anything I wouldn’t complain! x

  5. What a fab giveaway :) I follow via GFC – Francesca @ diaryofahothousewife.blogspot.com,and my email is sassyandsorted[at]hotmail[dot]com i love your blog and i always think you do such beautiful fotds,your pics are always sooo clear and i feel that i can really see the true colours of products. i think it would be nice to learn more about you as a person :) im nosy! ;) prize prefernce would be 2,1 then 3 but they are all amazing!!!xxx

  6. Congratulations on the 3 years/500 posts/2000 followers! :) I’m a GFC follower as GretalRabbit (though my real name is Louise) and my email is: the_one_that_laughs@hotmail.com

    I love your reviews and I like that you throw in random recipe posts- and your photography is always lovely :)

    Seeing as it’s spring, maybe try out some floral, pastel nails!

    I think my prize preference is 3, 2, 1- thank you for providing such lovely prizes :)


  7. Well Done! That’s amazing.

    I follow as Jenna Suth on GFC


    Your nail posts are my favourite, I’ve bought so many nail varnishes after seeing them on your nails and in your designs. I’d love to see a floral/surfy style design or maybe an under the sea theme :)
    My prize preference would be 2,1,3, their all amazing but the Sob blush has caught my eye ;)


    Jenna xx

  8. love yout blog
    Camilla Tillson on GFC
    love the nail designs! love pastel colours and the floral designs!
    Prize number 2 or 3! desperate from some makeup brushes!!! x

  9. Congrats! My GFC name is NayabLoves and my email id is nayabloves@hotmail.com.

    Your photography is pretty good, and for the nails you shld try out the pointilism thing where you make a french tip kinda thingi but with dots only. its pretty cool :)

    and if I win, I’d LOOOOVEEE the second bundle! DREAM COME TRUE!

  10. Congrat’s On Everything You Have Achieved:’)
    Shannn;).x & Email Is shandyy78(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk
    I’d Love To See More FOTD/ETOD And More Beauty Product Review’s:’)
    And Maybe Some Penguin Nail’s?, I Am Seriously Obsessed With Penguins;)
    I’d Love To Win Prize Bundle Number 2:’)<3

  11. hi thank you for this amazing giveaway !
    i’m Laura : lara06831[at]hotmail[dot]com
    I would like to see more EOTDs
    nail design inspired by Alice in Wonderland ^^
    Prize preference order would be 2, 1, 3
    thanks to open worldwild this giveaway beacause i’m french ^^

  12. Ooee.

    I’m jen.

    NOTDs for me and nail art. Not TOO complicated as I’m terribly cack-handed.

    Design? Geometric because I could maybe achieve that kind of look with tape. I love all kinds of gradients.

    I love Pink Floyd. How about a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ mani OR a series based on album covers.

    My order would be 2, 3, 1.

    I am nutty teacher at g mail dot com

  13. Congratulations – love the blog & all the ideas!

    I’m on GFC as Leanne Lightfoot (glampunksuicide)

    my email address is: glampunksuicide[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

    My favourite bits of your blog are the posts on new items available and shopping ideas so keep them coming :)

    Nail ideas: seaside, mexican, food themes…

    My order of preference is 3 2 1

    Thanks x

  14. Congrats on the milestones! 3 years and 500 posts, wow!

    I am a GFC follower ID Lexie.
    My Email is glittertips22(at)gmail(dot)com.
    I love your nail tutorials so I would love to see more of those.
    Your abstract design is one of my favorites so maybe more abstracts?
    My order of preference is 3,2,1.

  15. Congrats and thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    My name is Mira and my email is miraniem[at]gmail[dot]com
    I like to read reviews with swatches, they’re really helpful.
    I’d love to see you do something space inspired.
    And my order would be 2,1,3 because I could really use some proper makeup brushes. :D

  16. Well done Leanne on those milestones!

    Jennifer makeupjournal[at]hotmail[dot]co.uk

    I’d like to see more FOTDs, bright colours too.

    Something Spring like – daffodils or tulips. Or maybe something for Easter such as eggs in a basket.

    My order of preference would be 2,1,3

  17. CFG: Rainbowify Me
    email: rainbowifyme(at)gmail.com

    I’d love to see more nail art tutorials :)

    I’d like to see your take on vampire nail art.

    Order of preference of the prize bundles: 1, 3, 2. :)

  18. An amazing giveaway! The orange Orly polish looks so good!


    I’d love to see more nail art tutorials. As for a certain nail look I’d love to see a Cath Kidston flower print.

    My order preference is 1,2,3

    :) xxx

  19. Gorgeous prizes and fun giveaway!
    freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    I’d love to see reviews of products you love and dislike. A certain look would have to be a jungle themed mani!
    My preference is 2,1,3
    Have a lovely day!

  20. What an amazing giveaway!

    My name is Sarah & my email address is xbeautygeekx@live.co.uk

    I’d love to see more nail art posts :)

    I’d love to see some spring/summer inspired nail art, so maybe some nautical nails?

    My order preference would be 1,2,3 :)

    Sarah xx

  21. Loooove the giveaway (and yr blog :) )
    I’m following GFC as Jolainy
    I love your EOTD
    and I would like to win number 3 (but two and one will do just fine :p )

    xx Jolien

  22. Congratulations! What an amazing giveaway!

    I’m on GFC as RocoLondon

    my email address is: rocolondon@yahoo.com
    I´d love to see posts about new items available and reviews.

    Nail ideas: maybe ladybirds (spring time), flowers…

    My order of preference could be 2,1,3


  23. Wow!!
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    rock-or-not (at) hotmail dot fr
    i love to see eyes make up!!
    I’d love you to make a mani with rainbow colors covered by a crackle polish!!!
    My favorite prize is 3 then 1 and finally 2!!
    Thank you so much!

  24. This giveaway is fantastic!

    My name is Maisheda (Shay on GFC)
    Email: mleelucas@yahoo.com

    I would love to see more personal post. Like your everyday musings around London/England.

    How about some tribal inspired nail designs!

    My prize preference in order: 1, 2 , 3 lol

    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  25. This is an amazing givaway!~ :o

    I follow on GFC, I think i’d like to see some more FOTD’s.

    I;m loving the Cath Kidston type nail design, perfect fot the current spring pastel trends!

    Prize Pref 2, but all look amaze!

    Becci, beckstar_xo[at]hotmail[dot]com


  26. Hello! What an amazing giveaway! And congrats on reaching all the milestones ^___^

    My names is Shauna, and my email is shauna[dot]l[dot]kelly[at]gmail.com

    I love reading product reviews, so more of them please.

    Hmm, ideas for nail art? How about a weather inspired one? You could have sun, clouds, rainbow etc on different nails! Or maybe a cherry blossom inspired one… or an abstract shapes one with really bold colours (or pastel ones for something different). You could have ones with lots of glitter too, like glitter tips! or one with different striping techniques across the glitter… I’ve got a bit carried away, sorry! :P

    Giveaway preference is 2,1,3 :)


  27. Amazing giveaway!

    I follow you on GFC: Live.Laugh.Smile

    I’d like to see FOTD’s, NOTD’s, hauls and reviews of make-up.

    Maybe sticking things onto your nails such as glitter, beads, jewels or maybe some classic tutorials.

    Order of preference is 2,3,1.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity :)



  28. Congrats! Amazeballs giveaway (:

    I love to read reviews so they’re always fun, you always present clear points which is helpful.

    As for nail designs, ANY! I love em all, hmmm though lately I’ve been liking the look of polka-dot inspired designs and cosmic themes (that are workable in Spring, which is a toughie).

    Bloglovin: PolkaMlle

    polkamademoiselle [at] gmail.com

    Here’s to another 3 years!

  29. Wowserini that is an amazing give away i follow you on GFC aprettyobsession

    I love reviews as I love finding new products
    I am loving dotted nails with pastelle shades for spring.
    I think all the prizes are amazing but I have never seen the massive Sleek palette before so that really interests me

  30. This is such a good idea for a giveaway! and congratulations on making all your milestones!

    I love reading reviews, they help me find so many new products that become hg, and also help me find those dud waste-of-money products as well!

    I would love to see you try a spring time, pastel nail tutorial, I really love letting spring into my wardrobe, but it can be expensive to buy a load of new clothes, but a light coloured manicure would be perfect.

    My preference for prizes would be 2, 1, 3.

    bloglovin’: emilygpaterson(at)aol(dot)com
    gfc: emilygpaterson(at)aol(dot)com

    Thank you!

    Emily x

  31. Congrats on your 3-year milestone, and thank you for thinking of your readers…what great prizes!


    Reviews are my favorite thing to read because I like seeing swatches and hearing bloggers’ opinions on products before I buy them. I would also love to see more nail art because all the ones you do are always really lovely =)

    I don’t know how it would be done, but I love aurora borealis/the Northern Lights, so I think nail art inspired by could be amazing!

    My preference for the prize bundles would be 3,1,2.

    Thank you!

  32. Congrats on hitting your milestones. :)

    GFC: Melissa
    Email: tglife82@gmail.com

    I love reviews because I can check out new products or products new to me before I thinking about buying them so yeah reviews.

    Oh me… a nail design suggestion… How about a vintage spring look?

    My preference for prizes would be 2,1,3

  33. :: Liza sepia_raven(at)hotmail(dot)com
    :: Everything, I love reviews though :)
    :: 20′s style half-moon manicure perhaps?
    :: My preference is 1,2,3. :)

  34. Congratulations! I’ve always loved your blog, found it last year and it saved me from some seriously boring afternoons at work! Very well deserved to reach as many readers as you have!
    I’m on GFC as jaigeeksout
    email – jaime-lee.gillibrand(at)hotmail.co.uk
    I’d love to see more EOTDs and reviews, your eye make-up is always lovely.
    I think you should try doing an old school tattoo design on your nails! I tried it a little while ago and I think with your skills it would look amazing.
    Preferences would be 2,1,3 :)

    Congrats again :) xoxo

  35. This is such a generous giveaway! My email is x_poprocks_x(at)hotmail.com, I follow on gfc as Emily. I’d love to see more product reviews :)
    How about a pretty peacock design with lots of emerald and sapphire colours?
    My preferences would be 2,1,3 please :) xx

  36. Amazing give away! My email is:
    I would love yo see more of your product reviews :-)
    I think you should try doing an aztec nail design, would love to see that!
    My preferences would be: 2, 3, 1 please :-)

    Hannah x x

  37. Fab giveaway!
    Email: Lauren2706(at)Live(dot)co.uk
    I would love to see more EOTDs because I’m getting a bit mroe into eyeshadow – perhaps posts on your favourite products from brands or favourite eyeliners etc. would be good :)

    I’d really like to see a twist on the classic french tip?!
    My Preference: 2,1,3 – but they are all amazingly generous!
    Thankyou! ~Lauren xo

  38. I am a GFC follower and my id is wonderlust nails
    My email is liamandliesje@hotmail.co.uk

    I would really love you to post themes such as:
    Music Videos
    Catwalk inspired prints
    The solar system
    1980s cartoons
    Cheesy songs
    Weather (lightning, rain, sun, haze)
    Cities (Paris, New York, London)
    As many techniques as you can fit on a nail (marbling, stamping, sponging, dotting…you get the picture.

    I would absolutely love set 2 as I’m an OPI fiend and would literally cry with happiness if I got some Illamasqua wonderfulness. There is nowhere that sells it near me but I have read so many blog reviews which show wonderful pictures.

    If not then I would also really love any set. All of your prizes are so generous and I will leave it up to fate to decide if I’m a lucky one or not.

    Thank you so much for including me…I’m so excited as thi is the first giveaway that I have entered.

    If you get a chance then I would also love it if you could look at my blog http://www.wonderlustnails.blogspot.com

    Have a lovely weekend.

  39. I’m a GFC follower! I believe my id is amy63096peace
    Email: amy63096peace@gmail.com

    I would love to see:

    -Stories of things that happened to you in your life (strange phenomenon, tragic moments in your life, best moment in your life etc.)
    -O.P.I reviews
    -Outfit of the day
    -Nail polish tag questions

    As for the nail design, I would love to see something really vintage. Maybe something a pin-up girl would rock, or a design that a pure blonde hippie girl of the 60′s era would wear. As long as it’s either fun, classy, or both. Lots of color or something simple and elegant.

    I would love set 2 because O.P.I is my all time fave brand and I’m currently brushing up on my nail skills and learning all sorts of designs.I’m a nail junkie! lol the purse that it comes with is also so gorgeous and adorable. I also wanna take a look at the nail bar in a bag mini kit as well as the body cream and burt’s bees! Thanks for the giveaway and for being so generous! :) Enjoy the wonderful spring air!

  40. I follow via GFC as emmabovary, and my email is emma(dot)m(dot)brooks(at)gmail(dot)com
    I would love to see more product reviews and themed posts (like fave pink blushes, taupe shadow etc things like that with grouped product shots. They are always my fave as they make me swoon the most :D I’d love to see how you take care of your nails, and some floral/daisy design nail art would be lovely for easter!

    I would adore prize pack 2 most, then 1 and 3. Lovely prizes :D

    Congrats on reaching such great heights with your blog sweety xx

  41. Follow on GFC as Halifax

    I’d like to see more product reviews, I always look on my Google Reader for reviews before buying
    Can’t say I have a nail design inspiration, cause I need that myself lol
    My preference of the prizes: 1, 2, 3. Thanks

  42. Congrats!
    I follow on bloglovin lharris2686[at]gmail[dot]com

    :: Would love to see more NOTDs (I am obsessed) & Themed FOTDs
    :: Galaxy/Aztec nails or stamping (Konad etc)
    :: 1. Bundle 2
    2. Bundle 1
    3. Bundle 3

    Thanks for the op :)

  43. Happy bloggie birthday!

    I follow you via GFC as Outi Jylhä (Not sure if mu surname is visible for others, so I might be Outi at GFC). My email is outini(a)gmail(dot)com.

    ::I’d love to see more NOTD, but I do love your reviews too!
    ::How about you did a theme week where you get inspired from your surroundings. A Finnish blogger did that once and it was nice.
    :: 1. Bundle 1, 2. Bundle 2 and 3. Bundle 3 :)

    And thanks for the opportunity to win such great prizes!

  44. Happy Blog Anniversary and congratulations on the followers!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I am a follower via Google Friend Connect
    Name: Kris Beauty
    Email: mybeautytags[at]gmail[dot]com
    What I would like to see more of on Do Not Refreeze: haul posts
    Suggestion for a nail design I’d like to see you try out: an Easter inspired nail design (with cute bunnies and such)
    Order of preference of the prize bundles: 2, 1, 3

  45. :: Ruth iwanttomakeup[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
    :: I actually always really like your EOTDs
    :: Something trippy! Marbled holos/duochromes, maybe? Would that work?
    :: Your order of preference of the prize bundles: 2, 3, then 1 :)

    Congrats on all the milestones!

  46. :: GFC: Nicole
    Email: surreal(dot)escape(at)gmail(dot)com
    :: More reviews please!!! I love reading reviews because they help me decide what to buy!
    :: Something to do with birds perhaps?
    :: Prize 3, 2, 1

    thanks heaps!!

  47. Woop congratulations! What a big un!
    I follow via GFC as jadey-lou15
    My email is jadey-lou15[at]hotmail.co[dot]uk
    I love the nail art tutorials you have done, they don’t make me feel like a pleb for being cack handed. I also like your face/eye of the days, again they aren’t all crazy shiz that is unwearable to most, just nice combinations that look good! More of the both of them please!
    I would like a non-Easter bunny related tutorial, I’d love a way to big up my buds on my nails!
    123 :)

  48. Congrats and thank you for the giveaway!

    GFC: Tabitha
    Email: cascadecheerleader[at]gmail[dot]com

    I love that your nail tutorials are fairly easy so most people can do them! And they are all so adorable and it makes me want to change my nails all the time!

    I would like to see some fun ways to wear spring colors and designs!


    Again, thank you for such a great giveaway! I love your blog.

  49. Congratulations!

    GFC: Zara Petkovic
    email: never.unpolished[at]gmail[dot]com

    I love your blog, so just keep doing what you’re doing, but I especially enjoy your nail art!

    I’d love to see you try some Easter egg-ish gradients…I know I always used to have fun making gradients when dying Easter eggs, and I think it’d be a great look for nails, too.

    Finally, my order of preference would be 3, then 1, then 2.

  50. Wow this is amazing, I never herad of this giveaway technique but it’s awesome! Thanks for this great giveaway! And also congrats on those milestones! It’s impressive :)

    -I follow via GFC: Theodora R. and my email-address is: redhair_blacknailpolish[at]yahoo[dot]com
    - I love EOTDs, reviews and of course Nail Art! :D
    - Nail Design, hmm .. maybe some sponging with spring colors?
    - Order of preference? First 1, then 2 and then 3 :P

    Again, thanks for this giveaway!! :)

  51. Wow! My name is Kate and I follow via GFC (as tillypupz, and My email is tillypupz[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

    I love EOTD’s and Nail art, could you do like a soda series? Or animal print and landscape sceneries? That would be cool! :D

    - My order of preference would DEFINATLY be 1, 2 then 3, I love Sleek so that would be a must :)

    Thanks for this giveaway Leanne, you are so generous:) x

  52. GFC: Ashesela
    e-mail: ashleyek[at]live[dot]ca
    I think what you are doing is perfect!! I enjoy seeing reviews and art! :D
    Hmmm for inspiration… how about “April Showers Brings May Flowers?” :D
    For prize bundles, I’d choose 3, than 2, than 1. :D

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!! :D That is amazing how long you have been doing this!! :D

  53. Hey, I’ve just found your blog but I think I will be coming back! My contact details are:
    Jen- jennifer[dot]r[dot]mills87[at]gmail[dot]com
    -I’d like to see more nail art tutorials. I’m steadily improving with my handiwork but still a long way to go..
    -My suggestion is fairytale based nail art.. You could paint little red riding hood and rapunzel, all kinds of things- could do Cinderella, with a shoe and a pumpkin etc.. Or how about kids’ sweets/biscuits, like jammie dodgers, gingerbread men and party rings- shouldn’t be too tricky to paint?

    My order of preference would be 1,2,3.

    Thanks for organising this giveaway!

  54. My name is Lissi (and that is my GFC) and my email is Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com.
    Personally, I don’t think you need to change anything about your blog. I like it just the way it is.
    For nail inspiration: I vote for cherry blossoms and spring!
    Preference: 2, 3, 1.

  55. What a huge giveaway! My GFC is just “Sofia” I think.
    I’d love to see more EOTD’s on your blog as that’s something that really intrigues me and inspires me! I’d also like to see more nail art, such as themed manis (such as easter, e.g bunnies, carrots, flowers, eggs, little chicks :D). Also things such as celebrity/song-inspired manicures, and some tutorials would be wonderful!
    My e-mail is sofia-sharp[at]hotmail.co.uk. :)
    My prefrence is 2, 3, 1. :)

  56. I love everything! Your nail art is sooo pretty. I’d love to see something really blingy, like a gradient nail with diamantes or somethign crazy glittery!
    All the prize bundles are gorgeous so I don’t have a preference.
    Lauren, laurennoble[at]live[dot]com =]

  57. My goodness, congratulations on 3 years! Amazing stuff :D

    I’m a big fan of the NOTDs/nail art posts so more of those would be fanstastic! As far as new ideas for those go…something inspired by Prada’s Spring Summer ’12 collection would be very cool. I’d love to give that a go myself but have no idea where to start!

    I follow as Hannah on GFC, and my email is bangbangsmackouch[at]gmail[dot]com. As fr as prize order goesI’m going to keep it simple and say 1 then 2 then 3 x

  58. I follow on GFC: Jordannepalmer
    Name: Jordanne Palmer
    Email: Jordannepalmer(At)Aol(Dot)com
    I would like to see more hauls or your collections because i am very nosie ;D
    Nail Ideas: As it is coming up to the Olympics, you could do a Olympic themed with the rings on or something.
    Preference: 2, 3 and 1
    Congrats by the way!
    Thanks xx

  59. GFC peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    i like nail polish swatches and comparisons
    try painting grass on your anils :)
    #2 first because i don’t have brushes and i am intrigued by emberstone
    #3 2nd because i really want Models’ Own Jade Stone
    #1 last altho the Nails Inc mini nail polish trio looks interecting

  60. I follow on GFC: jayde xo, email: jer92@hotmail.co.uk, twitter = Jayde_, i love outfit of the days or face of the days – gives me so much inspiration! for nail art.. i really love animal prints and pastels, so maybe pastel animal print? :D

    preference is 2 (i’ve never owned anything by illamasqua before) then 1 and 3.

    thank you so much for a lovely giveaway, and good luck everyone else :)

  61. What everyone else said, this is a really generous giveaway! Congrats on hitting those milestones too.

    I follow via Google Reader, my name is Nini, email: ninicentral[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I would like to see more nail art designs based off of art work, especially artists like Jasmine Beckett-Grifith.

    Suggestion for a design is this gorgeous painting here (http://www.strangeling.com/darlingdragonling4fairy.html).

    Prize order preference, 1, 3 then 2.

  62. I follow via GFC; Nina, email: icygems92[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    I’d like to see more nail polish reviews, especially local brands.

    I want to see nail designs that don’t require specific tools and watermarbling!

    Price order preference, 3, 2, 1.

  63. GFC name : Laura-Jayn
    Name & Email address : Laura-Jayn – laura-jaynblog[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

    I love the post where you are reviewing products and includes other products of similar shades etc so we can see the comparisons :)

    Nail Design: i love your oriental nail designs and also nuce summer flower ones with the dotting tool :)

    Prize preference: 1,2,3

  64. I’m a GFC follower – Lady Bug Says

    My name is Vicky and my email is ladybugsays[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

    I would love to see more of your nail art posts, they always give me some inspiration!

    I would love to see a fireworks inspired nail art design.

    Prize preference – 2,3,1

  65. lovely giveaway :>

    would love to see more of the FOTDs.

    would like to see more graphic / geometrical nail art :)

    the order of preferences: 1 2 3 :D

    aruneali [at] gmail [dot] com

  66. I’d love to see more NOTDs – not even designs, just more polishes in general, that’s the main draw of this blog for me.

    I would like to see you do nail art inspired by your favourite films or games or books, that’s always interesting.

    Order of preference: 2, 1, 3.

    Em – evruddock at gmail com

  67. wahoo congrats!!

    I follow through gfc – Stefanie Gladden

    Stefanie Gladden

    I love seeing reviews, hauls, tutorials, and NOTD’s!

    I’d love to see a neon tiger stripe nail tutorial! ive seen a few of these online and they look amazing!!!!

    my prize preference: 2,3, 1

    thanks for the chance!

  68. Congratulations I’ve been reading this blog for a while.

    I’m Rosalie Collis and my email is rosaliemcollis [at] gmail [dot] com I follow through google.

    I love seeing notds and hauls even if they make me spend too much!

    I’d like to see Alice in wonderland themed nails as I tried finding some ideas online for a party but they were all a bit strange!

    Prize preference is 2,1,3

    Thank you x

  69. Congrats!!!

    I’d like to see more notd’s! I love them!I’d like to see some nail art with pastel colours!
    My preference: 2,1,3

  70. :: Elena M. – amyclae[at]gmail[dot]com
    :: I would like to see more reviews!.)
    :: I would love to see some floral nail art.
    :: Prize preference: 1, 2, 3

  71. I follow you via GFC: Spice Chocolate

    I’d like more Reviews and Nail Arts.
    My suggestion for your nail art: I like so much animal inspired nails or oriental inspired nails.
    My prize reference: 1, 2, 3.

  72. Congrats!!! Your blog is my favorite from foreing blogs
    –GFC follower: Evča
    –I would like more tutorials and reviews.
    –the inspiration for the nail art rhinestones or geometry in pastel colors
    –prize preference: 1,2,3
    –in my country we don’t have sleek cosmetics and I so so so much I want

  73. Hello!! I follow you via GFC and my name is Alice (alice@Nailsbyalice) and my email is nailsbyalice[@]gmail[dot]com

    I’d like to see more pics of your EOTD because I loooove them! and I use them as inspiration!

    I’d like to see a cartoon themed nail art :)

    ehm..very diffucult because I like all of them! 2,3,1!

  74. Congratulation! =)
    - I’m a GFC follower with the name Sushi
    - My email is: nataliesimova@seznam.cz
    - I love your reviews and I’d like to have there more nail arts and more and more… I love them! =D
    - You can try some fruit nail art (for examples kiwis or strawberies) or maybe you can try some movie/game caracters (Superman’s symbols, Santa’s faces or for I’ve seen Angry birds nail art somewhere =D)
    - My order of preferences: 3, 1, 2

    Thanx for an amazing giveaway =)

  75. follow by GFC: Aylin Leto
    name: Alena Šůstková
    email: chrisgirl05@seznam.cz
    I mostly like review of anything and I like design of your blog :)

    Try some spring design, eg. easter are coming up so try some bunnies and eggs design.

    It’s hard to make desision about prize, all of them are nice. 1, 2, 3 :)

  76. Love this giveaway!

    GFC: gaby
    Email: gabjuk@hotmail.com

    I’m a new follower, but already like it! I’ll keep following for sure! Your reviews are really good, I would like to see more of it. Inspiration for art design? Maybe some cherry blossom, I think that would be interesting to see and try.
    Prizes are amazing! I prefer – 2,1,3.


  77. Such an amazing giveaway!

    elmapetsi at yahoo.gr

    I’d say reviews are my favourite posts!
    As for nail art, I would like to see some fairytale themed!

    My preferences: 1,2,3

  78. Tess: Cosmetics Studio (or just Tess)
    I would like to see more make-up tips and about nail design? I have no idea, because Im not good in nail design I prefer cosmetics :)
    My preferences: 1,2,3

  79. Following by GFC: Simbli
    I actually love cosmetics, thinking that I would like to see comparing of lipstick YSL x Mac x Chanel or other brands, because I´m still finding the creamy (not drying) right one :-/

    And what about nail art? I would love to see some galaxy nails. That galactic pattern which is on the dress and etc. Hope you know what I mean :-)

    Preferences: 1,2,3

    Love your giveaway! One of the best I´ve ever seen!

  80. Name: Lena M.
    Email: re(dot)komunikace(at)gmail(dot)com
    I mostly enjoy reviews of cosmetics, it is always helpful!
    Nail design – what about sunflowers? :) Or inspiration by Joan Miro paintings? That would be wonderful!
    Preferences: 1,3,2

  81. GFC: Dominka Couf
    name: Dominika Couf
    email: xo-domissek-xo[at]seznam[dot]cz
    I’d like to see more EOTDs/FOTDs. I really like them.
    Nail design – mmm, what about plumules? :) or princess dress :D
    Preferences: 1, 3, 2 :))

  82. My GFC follower name is Dejna
    email- papouch86[at]seznam[dot]cz

    I would like to see nail art…
    And.. Inspiration? I love dots on nails.. :)

    Prize? I don’t know! Maybe 1, 2, 3.. :))

  83. GFC Cica
    name Olga
    email cicablogspot@gmail.com

    I would love too see some ideas on how to style hair without using too much heat. At least without curling iron and straightening iron… Something that we can all do …
    As far as my idea for nails, I would love some cartoon inspired nails, or sunset inspired nails…

    Prize preference is 1,2,3

  84. GFC Kandistar
    My Name is Candace Woods
    I would love to see more tutorials and reviews
    A Suggestion would be something disney (I love disney)
    Prize Preference 2,1,3

    Thank you so much for the giveaway it is VERY generous of you

  85. GFC: funkiichiicka
    Email: sorandum(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

    I would love to see more EOTDs :)
    For nail designs… it would be cool to see a ‘Ruffian’ mani or something Disney-related.

    Prize pref: 3,2,1.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Hi!!

    Enter me please ^_^

    Name: miriam
    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I´d like to see more reviews and hauls because I love so much.

    A suggestion for nail art is about my fav anime serie sailor moon, please, please.

    Prize preference is 1, 2 and 3.

    I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


  87. :: Kirstie – kirstie[dot]robyn[at]gmail[dot]com

    :: more FOTDs :)

    :: i’d like to see nail art inspired by illamasqua – mehndi nails

    :: prize preference 2, 3, 1

  88. Ok, so my name is Veronika Kusalíková, I’m following you with GFC, name- Veronika.
    email: v[dot]kusalikova[at]seznam[dot]cz
    I love dip dye nails, so try :)

  89. Congratulations on the 3 years/500 posts/2000 followers! :)
    GFC follower: Lyudmila
    e-mail: lusizova at gmail.com

    I would like to see video from winners with nail design.
    I want to try new purple color!
    My prize reference: 3,1,2.

  90. congrats!!! wat a fab giveaway! following ya via GFC.
    name: Ayesha
    email: ash_ashez[at]ymail[dot]com

    I would love to see more reviews & it would be great if you post about how to stay glamorous within budget. It’ll be helpful for students like me!

    I love nail piercing and bright girlish nailcolors. Bright colors would look great in this summer. You can try flowers and buttrflies :)

    Prize preference 1, 2, 3

  91. love it!

    name: Sara
    email: sara.b.campbell[at]gmail[dot]com

    would love to see: more DIY nail art tutorials or product reviews
    nail design to try: Python inspired nails – nails that look like snakeskin

    order of prize bundles: 2, 3, 1

  92. Congratulacion!
    GFC: Ellie xX
    mail: ekuhnerova[at]gmail[dot]com
    I love galaxy nails! And I would like to see here more DIY and tutorials!
    Prize: 1,2,3 (I love all of them!! <3)


  93. seapaper80 at yahoo dot com
    Can always do with more reviewsm I love reading these on blogs more than anything really
    French Mancure – ok I know its old skool but Ive no idea what companies product ranges include this

    Many thanks for doing this!

  94. Congratulations on the 3 years/500 posts/2000 followers! :)

    Since it’s summer I think a flowery nail art is cute:)yellow and ink blue combination is a must try:)

    I love to have more nail art tutorials:)
    My prize preference is 1,2 and 3

    GFC: arra
    Arra Morta

  95. Wow this is amazing, thank you! And a massive a congratulations on all the milestones =)

    My name is Sara S and I follow you via GFC as Sara ♥’s…
    My email is sahara_desert88(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk
    I would love to see more product reviews and FOTD’s =] Also maybe outfit of the day’s too?? =)
    For nails I would love for you to try out the ciate caviar design…(lol joke!! =P)
    Hehe how about a skittles mani… like every nail has a different design that correlates with one another?
    My prize preference is: 3, 1 and 2

    Thanks again for the giveaway =)

    Holly but My GFC Name is : All things bright and beautiful
    and this is how i follow you xx
    my Email is mumbrown(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk
    I would love to see maybe hauls and celebrity make up looks and storage tips <3
    And maybe a sort of wedding nail look so quite elegant ?
    My favorite on to win would really!! have to be Prize Bundle one but they all look AMAZING xx
    thankyou xx
    here is my blog: brightandbeautifulxx.blogspot.com
    AMAZING GIVEAWAY AGAIN <3 <3 XX Thankyou xxxx

  97. congrats! fab giveaways!

    name: lizzie
    email: xlizzie14x[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk
    i am a follower!
    i would like to see more of make-up reviews :)
    nail designs – fruit, animals.
    prize preference: 2, 3, 1

    thanks! ~ lizzie ♥ ( bargain-beauty-buys.blogspot.com )

  98. Congrats on the blogiversary, posts and followers! :D
    Joy, dearjoy[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
    I would love to see more EOTD/FOTDs as I’m super nosy and like seeing what people use regularly! :)
    A nail design I would love to see is something based on or around The Hunger Games!
    My preference is 1, 2, 3
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Leanne!

  99. congrats! thank u for this great giveaway :)
    GFC: josephinepo0306
    My name Is Iosefina and my email adress is:
    I would love to see more reviews because I don’t like buying makeup without knowing if it works or not :)
    I would love to see a spring nail tutorial with pastel colors
    my preference: 3,1,2

  100. Donna, donnamadeleine[at]gmail[dot]com
    I completely love the nail art and tutorials and always love any new manicures you do.
    I’d love to see a galaxy manicure tutorial!
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu :) xxxxxx

  101. GFC: Jer
    Email: jaekayy (at) gmail dot com
    I’d like to see more make-up reviews
    Maybe try cute spring/floral inspired nail designs?
    1, 2, 3!
    thank you for the giveaway!

  102. Hi! Thank you so much for this! Congrats to all 3! :D
    I follow through GFC as MissMidnightBlue
    how about.. NOTDS? :)
    How about some spring/summer designs. :)
    I’d like 1,3,2. But I love them all. :)

  103. Wahoo! Congratulations to my fave blogger :)
    Please do some Hunger Games nail art, you could nail an amazing Effie inspired (ha! Nail)
    Just keep doing what you’re doing for me :)
    prize pref would be 3,2,1
    Thanks for blogging for so many years
    It’s obviously Sian, missdollygal(at)gmail(dot)com
    X x x x x

  104. hi leanne! i love your work, one of my fav beauty blogs <3
    i really like your EOTDs and nail art tutorials
    i think a starry night or space themed nail art would be AWESOME! :)
    i like 1,2,then 3 but all have such amazing prizes
    thanks for having another giveaway! oh and btw ive been on your blog for a long time now, but i just recently made an account on blogger because i just might make my own beauty blog now! :3

  105. I follow you via gfc.
    I’d like to see maybe more reviews. As for nailart, what about something inspired by spring, like some fresh flower design?
    blubbe [at] seznam [dot] cz

  106. Wow what a giveaway! Congratulations on your achievements.

    I am a GFC Follower: Missmascara1983
    My email is lydia,butler@hotmail.co.uk.

    Your nail art posts are my favourite, they realy inspire me, but unfortunately I am terrible at it!
    I am not sure if you have done it before but I would love to see a Sky Blue base with white cloud details. x

  107. Stefanie Gladden
    stefanie.gladden[at]gmail[dot]com to avoid spam)
    - i love reviews, tutorials, and hauls!!!
    - I’d love to see neon zebra nails!
    -Your order of preference of the prize bundles – 1, 3, 2

  108. I’m a GFC follower – Joanne G.
    email is: jgemeroy at shaw dot ca

    I’d like to see manicures done with rhinestones!

    Prize pack preference #3,#1,#2
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. Allyce Smith – tehurbanlegend[at]yahoo[dot]com
    -I would like to see more reviews, because I love reading reviews
    on a product before i buy them!
    -I would love to see you a variation on a red ombre!
    -Prize 2, Prize 3, Prize 1.
    Amazing Giveaway!

  110. Hi Leanne, big congrats on 3 years of blogging and your well deserved followers!
    Lucie Hanuskova, lucisek dot beluha /at/ googlemail.com
    I would definitely want to see more nail art as I love to see creative side of bloggers :)
    I’d like to see some colourful water marble or splatter manicure :)
    I would prefer Bundle #2

    Lucie x

  111. Hi, I follow you via GFC as Kvacka and my email is kvacka87(at)ymail(dot)com. I would like to see more NOTDs on your blog! =) The nail design I would like to try out myself too is fish egg manicure, I like those microbeads! =)
    My prize reference: 3, 2, 1.
    Thank you sooo much! <3

  112. Great Giveaway :)
    I follow via GFC : Nails From Fairy Tale.
    email : nailsfromfairytale(at)gmail(dot)com
    I prefer NOTDs, so I would love to see more of that :).
    About suggested nail design, I love anything childish so try that :).
    I prefer prize #3, then #2, in the end #1.

  113. Lovely giveaway thank you
    I follow with GFC – Victoria
    I love seeing NOTD posts and FOTDs.
    What about an olympic themed nail?
    Prefer prize 2, 1, 3


  114. Congrats!!!
    I’m a GFC follower Lulu
    and my email is redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com
    I love NOTD and nail art posts as well as FOTD)
    I’d love to see waves (wavy stripes) nail art tutorial please!
    My preference order is 2-3-1

  115. GFC is Cuti-CLUE-les
    My email is cuticlueless(at)gmail(dot)com
    I would like to see more notd ( i Frickin love nail polish :P ) or just nail polish reviews if you don’t change your polish everyday :)
    I would love to see Music album inspired nail art :)
    Prize order would be 3-2-1


  116. I’m in love!!

    I follow on GReader!
    Susie Q – selaen(at)gmail(dot)com
    I love the NOTD posts; i’m really boring with my nails so it’d be nice to see more information!
    Nail design – magnets; it would be nice to see something other than the mandatory stripey results!
    Order of preference – 1-3-2


  117. What an amazing giveaway!
    I follow via GFC Confessions Of A Makeupaholic
    confessionsofamakeupaholic (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk
    I love reviews because its a great way of finding new products!
    Nail wise I would love to see something Disney inspired like Finding Nemo :)
    My order of preference would be 1 – 2 – 3


  118. A giveaway!!! on GFC I’m Medeaglam
    my email is medeaglam(at)gmail(dot)com
    Nail Art and Nail Polish are my favourites
    mmm..an idea? From me to you? You’re so creative…I love rainbows. I’d like to see some rainbow nail arts, and also more neon! Something that glows in the dark?
    Prize order: 3, 2, 1


  119. I already follow via GFC :)

    I love your nail art and always love tutorials so maybe more of those? Perhaps paisley nails? I thought of it the other day but haven’t got a clue how to so would love a how to post!

    My order of preference is 2,1,3.


    Emily xxx

  120. GFC follow: viviana rodriguez,
    i’d like to see more nail tutorials and how to take care of your nails :)
    and animal print nail art or neon and stripes
    my order of preference is 2,1,3 but seriously i would be thrilled to win any of them!

  121. GFC: Grace Lee
    email: xxchocolat17xx(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I would love to see anything nail related!
    Hm..maybe a rainbow gradient topped with some stamping?
    My order of preference is 3, 1, 2, but they’re all pretty great!

  122. Follow through Google Reader subscription
    Email: day_spring[at]comcast[dot]net
    Preference: 1,2,3
    I would love to see more nail tutorials and nail care posts.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! Cheryl

  123. That kitty picture is sooo cute!!
    GFC: amy stier
    Email: amystier(at)gmail(dot)com
    All the prizes look amazing! I would be happy with any of them, so much polish and nail art stuff! I think 1 or 3 are the most appealing to me but they are all fab!
    I am new here but so far I love what I’ve seen. Your photos and reviews are great! For nail art…something geometric?

  124. garanstina(at)gmail(dot)com –is my email
    i have an idea- could you make faces on nails? it would be something new or maybe makeup on nails :) extraordinary as well :))
    i would like to win and i follow u :)

  125. :: Terra TF terra13[at]hotmail[dot]com

    :: I would love to see more of your AMAZING nail art tutorials :)

    :: An idea: rainbow (neon?) peeking through a top pattern (black?)

    :: 3,2,1

    Thank you so much for this opportunity at such great prizes!!

    Congrats on such an amzing milestone :)

  126. Hello.

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would love to enter your giveaway.
    I would like to see more NOTD, nail art tutorials and reviews!!
    My suggestion: Medical nail art :)
    Order: 2,1,3

    Thanks and congrats for your blog!!


  127. GFC: Ruth
    Name: Ruth Gistelinck
    Email: ruth.gistelinck@hotmail.com

    I love haul posts and display posts; I’m always curious what polishes are available in stores where you live!

    My suggestion for nail art: feather mani!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, all prizes are amazing but if I would win I would like #1.

  128. GFC:veveblond
    name: Porojnicu Iosefina
    email: veveblond[at]gmail[dot]com
    I would love to see more of your nail art tutorials because I love them so much
    My sugestion is a spring nail tutorial using real flower petals
    1, 3, 2

  129. Congrats on all those big milestones and thank you for this great giveaway!
    My name is Irina and my email address is iry_n0ok@yahoo.com

    I really love nail polish and different techniques of nail art, so I would enjoy a lot of swatches, as well as nail art, may it be freehand, stamped, stickers, rhinestones, etc. I would also like to see tutorials.

    I would like to see colorful nail art, with patterns to invoke summer, so maybe flowers, the beach, an exotic island…and I also have a huge passion for cats, so I would love to see a cat motif on your nails

    I would choose the prizes in the order they are in, so 1,2,3

  130. I love your blog! So much inspiration, thanks for that. My name is Marina (nice to meet you) and my email address is marinaatje[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I really like your nail polish reviews and nail art. Congrats on your water marble! I have a lot to learn, I usually give up after 3 nails. But I will keep trying.

    I really like themed nail art, for holidays and seasons. My favourite season is autumn, because of the warm colours. I’d like to see what you can come up with. Also, I’m curious about making 3D nail art using feathers and other items.

    My preferred prize bundle is number 3, I’m just nuts for nail art :D After that 2, and last 1.

  131. Hello! Late congratulations :) I watched you wrote but that gadget is configured incorrectly so … I like a variety of reviews and stuff. Nail Design … no! I do normal nail varnish so I do not know what I would like to see :) Price 3
    GFC: Martina Skoldovska or Tina
    martina.skoldovska @ gmail.com

  132. Hello~ Congrats on your milestone =) I still have a long way to go, but your blog certainly is among those I look up to ;)
    I’d like to enter your awesome giveaway! I follow you via GFC as Kayono (kayono[at]hotmail.de)
    I love to look at other people’s nailart, so this is what I’d like to see more of. Reviews are also nice, but since plain swatch reviews are a bit repititive, I’d love so see some that actually compare new collections to older ones.
    Nailart-wise, I currently have a similar problem. I don’t like to repeat myself. Instead of new color combinations, stamping and so on, I’m currently focusing on techniques I haven’t tried yet. Maybe that’s something you could try too?
    Lastly, you ask about my preference. It would be 2-1-3. I’d love Emberstone on my nails… <3

    Have a nice sunday!

  133. Congrats on the awesome milestones!
    -GFC follower Katrina*
    - krheafrench(at)gmail(dot)com
    -Reviews are super helpful, especially when they’re comparing shades. I hate buying something only to realize it’s a dupe of something I already had.
    -I’ve been on a Rockabilly/Pin up kick with my nails lately. Cheetah print, red, half moons, all sorts of fun!
    -My preference would be 3,2,1
    Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

  134. -Follower Name is Beauty for breakfast i guess, it’s the name of our blog. madame_baguette[at]hotmail[dot]com
    -I love your rewievs, just took the time to read trough them. Do more of them! :)
    -maybe something spring inspired, with flowers, bright colors or even birds/bees or something else. Just something that reminds you of spring. Haha maybe that idea is coming from the nice weather outside.
    -Prize bundles order: 3, then 2, then 1

  135. -Follower Name is Beauty for breakfast i guess, it’s the name of our blog. madame_baguette[at]hotmail[dot]com
    -I love your rewievs, just took the time to read trough them. Do more of them! :)
    -maybe something spring inspired, with flowers, bright colors or even birds/bees or something else. Just something that reminds you of spring. Haha maybe that idea is coming from the nice weather outside.
    -Prize bundles order: 3, then 2, then 1

  136. -Follower Name is Beauty for breakfast i guess, it’s the name of our blog. madame_baguette[at]hotmail[dot]com
    -I love your rewievs, just took the time to read trough them. Do more of them! :)
    -maybe something spring inspired, with flowers, bright colors or even birds/bees or something else. Just something that reminds you of spring. Haha maybe that idea is coming from the nice weather outside.
    -Prize bundles order: 3, then 2, then 1

  137. name: shahneela shamim
    email: lovely.eyez24[at]gmail[dot]com
    your reviews of Illamasqua Foundation, Kryolan Glamour Sparks Copper Illamasqua Liquid Metals & Cream Pigments and all other are awesome..would like to see more reviews..
    make a newspaper print on your nail..i saw it somewhere n just love it,post a tutorial of this..
    order: 3, 1 then 2

  138. GFC- Caramella15
    I’d like more FOTDs, Reviews and Nail Arts. :)
    suggestion for a nail design… hmm be Rose, animal prints, some japans or classic…
    number 1,3 and 2
    email Akajra[at]hotmail[dot]cz

  139. congrats on all your milestones, fab giveaway!
    I follow via gfc as NailNewbie, email helen_louise_is at yahoo dot co dot UK
    I would love to see more nail art and neons, I’m on a neon kick at the moment :)
    Hopefully, summer is on the way so maybe some summer inspired manis? We can dream, right!
    Prize preference would be 2, 1, 3, although they’re all awesome!
    I think that’s everything! Congrats again :)

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