Z Palette – 1 Year On

Well, if you want to be pedantic it’s actually a little over a year since I last posted about my Z Palette, but it looks rather a lot different now I think!

I’ve got much more back into eyeshadow lately, which is great really because I was starting to feel that I had far too many to be justified. But now I’m actually using eyeshadow on a daily basis again… ;)

I have come to the conclusion that I never, EVER use my single eyeshadows. EVER. I should probably make an effort to depot the nice ones (and perhaps get another Z Palette to accomodate them!), and I still only ever use a few of my palettes – this one, the Urban Decay Naked, the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone and the Kat Von D True Love palettes. Out of all the lovely palettes I own, though… my Z Palette will always be my favourite. I guess because it’s personalised, I hand selected everything that’s in there, you know?

The square side; a variety of Inglot shadows

The round side; MAC, a few Sleek, a couple of Yaby and a Yaby brow powder that I never use, come to think of it..

There’s still some adjustments I want to make to my bespoke eyeshadow collection though before it’s all just perfect. I’m thinking of filling up the rest of this one with more Inglot – I’ve come to the conclusion that Inglot’s eyeshadows are my favourite – and then starting a whole new palette for MAC and other round pans.

Do you have a personalised palette, or are you one of those enviable people that can actually be bothered to use single eyeshadows?

P.S… If anyone can correctly guess the names of the 7 MAC eyeshadows in my Z Palette, I’ll send you a lipstick ;)

11 thoughts on “Z Palette – 1 Year On

  1. There are some lovely colours in there, the golds and coppery browns are my favourites. I need to do this with my single shadows too but I am so paranoid I’m going to break them.

    Some of the colours look familiar straight away but I had a look through your blog for the others that you seem to use a lot hehe. The ones I guessed are Amber Lights, Cranberry and Trax. I think the others are Grand Entrance, Antiqued, Satin Taupe and Graphology.

  2. That’s a beautiful palette, lots of lovely plums and bronzes (my two favourite colours for eyes!)

    I’m going to take a wild stab at guessing your MAC shades, just for fun! I think they are:
    - Amber Lights
    - Star Violet
    - Trax
    - Antiqued
    - Blu Noir
    - Phloof
    - Satin Taupe

  3. I definitely prefer eyeshadows in pans as I tend to use them more in palettes. Like you, I also can’t be bothered to open and close every single potted eyeshadow if I wanted to use them. I’ve always used MAC palettes and removed the insert to give me more space for eyeshadows. :)
    My guess for your MAC shadows are…
    Grand Entrance, Trax, Satin Taupe, Graphology, Cranberry, Amber Lights and Antiqued :) x

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