The Chop

So, I decided that my nails were getting a bit too long. I always hate doing it, and I always hate my nails for a little while after the fact, but I cut a good three quarters of a centimetre off them and tried to regain the squoval shape. And again, the pattern remains the same as always: I hated them for a few hours and thought they were all short and stubby, but then I loved them and remembered how much nicer and neater they look at this length!

I often think that dark vampy shades look their best on my nails when they’re shorter, so I decided on Zoya Isla, one of my favourites (it even makes the grade for a Polishgasm). The weather is finally taking a turn towards the warmer – touch wood – and the days are getting longer, so this might well be my final vampy shimmer of the season before I start moving into pastel cremes and brights for Spring!

Last time I featured Isla in a post was in December and my pictures did it no justice, but the sun was shining like it meant it when I was at the train station the day after painting them, so I couldn’t help but get out my camera and snap Isla in all it’s beautiful red glory. :)

What’s your favourite length to keep your nails?

12 thoughts on “The Chop

    1. Hahaaa, I know I’m a total princess when it comes to my nail length – I know they’re long by most people’s standards, they just feel a bit short to me! :) x

  1. i tink your nails are the perfect shape and length in these pics :) mine look a lot like yours, i’m wearing zoya pandora, such a gorgeous nude! it’s my first and only zoya too!

    1. Ashesela! I’ve missed your comments :) yeah I think my nail beds being so long is what helps them from looking stumpy even when they’re short – I have quite chubby fingers but really narrow nails so at least the nail beds are long! Thank you :)

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