Kiko 255

PET HATE ALERT! I get a bit irritated over brands that don’t name their products and just number them instead. I know the names of EVERY polish in my collection (I shit you not) just by glancing at the bottle – except the ones that just have numbers instead of names! Maybe I’m just lazy but it bugs me that if I want to blog about one, since all my pictures are normally taken in advance, I then have to go and hunt out the bottle and find its stupid number. Hmph. Well, ranting aside… have a look at this!

Who doesn’t love a good holo? I know I do, so I was very excited when I spotted this very imaginatively named bottle (okay okay sorry) in the Kiko store at Westfield Stratford. A rich, deep purple chock full of small holo glitters – that amazingly aren’t difficult to remove!

This was a right pain in the arse to try and photograph. Particularly with the stupid weather we were having the day I took these – it couldn’t decide whether to be overcast or not, so every time there was a sliver of sunlight peeking through the clouds I was running to the window like a madwoman, camera in hand, but I still couldn’t accurately capture it. I mean this is pretty close, the holographic loveliness is just more prevalent in person.

It’s perfectly opaque in two coats, but it does leave an ever so slightly bumpy finish thanks to the glitter particles. A good thick topcoat will sort that out. Now, don’t quote me on this because I swear the prices of all the products are different every time I go in there, but I’m pretty sure it was £4.90. Not bad for a nice purple holo!

13 thoughts on “Kiko 255

  1. That’s so gorgeous, I love the little shimmer pieces in it, really pretty. Reminds me of a L’Oreal polish I had years ago in blue that I can’t find anywhere!


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