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I Hate Goodbyes

There’s one thing that we as beauty addicts and bloggers live in absolute terror of. Let’s not deny it. When we finally discover a Holy Grail product after months (or even years) of searching, the sheer joy is quickly overcome by a crippling fear that the brand who enriched our shallow little lives with aforementioned Holy Grail product could, at any moment, snatch that perfect acquisition away from you by.. god forbid.. DISCONTINUING IT.

How bloody dare they?

Rumour1 I Hate Goodbyes

I experienced this with Illamasqua’s powder blush in Rumour. I have been using this to contour practically every frigging day since I discovered it in late 2009. It is the perfect shade for me to create the illusion of some sort of shape in my face – I am exceptionally pale with noticeably pink undertones and I’d found every other contouring product I’d tried to just have too much orange or yellow in it to work for me. I am so very, very in love with this product.

Quite some time ago – months ago now, don’t remember when in particular – I tweeted that I’d hit pan on my Rumour and how DEVASTATED I was by this since I knew it was discontinued. Amazingly, the wonderful Alex, Junior Brand Manager of Illamasqua came through for me. She found a compact of Rumour in the office – probably the last one in existence ever, I like to think – and sent it on to me. In a nutshell, my inevitable heartbreak when I’ve used up that backup has been deferred for another two years.

Rumour2 I Hate Goodbyes

You can see that since then, I’ve almost completely used up my original Rumour. Probably enough to warrant chucking it in the bin, right? No. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it until EVERY LAST BIT of powder has been used. It’s that special to me. On a side note – isn’t it a pain how much more quickly products seem to get used the moment you hit pan on them?

I estimate I’ve probably got about 6 weeks left of my original before I move onto the backup. Time’s a-ticking. *Sigh*.

Rumour3 I Hate Goodbyes

So, I know I’m not the only one who turns into a total drama queen when favourite products get discontinued. Tell me about your heartbreaking discontinued product loves!

This post is supposed to be very tongue in cheek.. please don’t take it too seriously. I AM gutted though.


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