Happy New Year ladies! I hope you had a good time last night, however you celebrated, and aren’t feeling the effects too much this morning!

Colin and I didn’t have a very exciting one this year – we both felt rubbish when we woke up and felt progressively crappier throughout the day – probably something we ate! We spent the day at Westfield window shopping, but by the time we got back we really didn’t feel up to trudging to central London to see the fireworks. Add that to the fact that his next door neighbours were having a very loud party, needless to say were both feeling pretty grumpy and disappointed!

I was feeling especially gutted because Colin bought me a lovely new camera for Christmas (a Canon Powershot G12, if you’re interested) and I’d discovered that it has a Fireworks mode on it. At five to twelve, I suggested we go to the top of the house to see if we could see any fireworks from the velux windows – there was a good chance since you can see Canary Wharf out of one window and the Olympic Stadium out of the other – we were bound to see something pretty! It turned out even better than that though; some people from the estate behind the house were setting off a ton of fireworks that were exploding just above my eye level!

In the end, I did actually get some pretty cool photos. I wish I’d have had a tripod but I had to make do with bracing my elbows on the window frame whilst standing on tiptoes! So they are a little wobbly, but definitely the best photos of fireworks I’ve ever managed to take :)

I’m very excited about my new camera. My old one had all but bitten the dust, so much so that I’d resorted to using my phone to take photos for my blog over the last couple of months. So expect to see much nicer images from now on! I’ll be going home tomorrow night, so I should be back in the swing of things in the next few days after that :)

(Oh! And I gave the blog a little makeover for the new year, too. Hope you like!)

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