The (Magnetic) Elephant In The Room

Let’s not bullshit here. It’s nothing short of blatantly frigging obvious that both 17′s and FashionistA’s magnetic nail polishes are from the same manufacturer. It completely baffles me that neither 17 or FashionistA seem to care how obvious it is. I guess maybe that’s because 17 is exclusive to Boots, and FashionistA is exclusive to Superdrug, but would it really have killed either party to make a bit of effort for originality?

The only real difference is how you buy them – the 17 ones all come with the detachable magnetic lid, whereas the FashionistA ones are sold without the magnet and you buy that separately. The magnets are identical, by the way. Surely this whole business would be more forgivable if they at least had some variation in their colours, right? Well, 3 of them are exactly the same. Look at my little scientific table here:

17 Green = FashionistA Ego Green
17 Purple = FashionistA Purple Me Up
17 Blue = FashionistA Forever Is Blue
And I don’t have the FashionistA one to compare, but I would take a wild stab in the dark and bet money that…
17 Grey = FashionistA Notorious Silver

How about some photographic evidence?

Index and ring – 17 Green
Middle and pinky – FashionistA Ego Green

Index and ring – 17 Purple
Middle and pinky – FashionistA Purple Me Up

Index and ring – 17 Blue
Middle and pinky – FashionistA Forever Is Blue

THEY ARE THE SAME BLOODY PRODUCTS. This doesn’t seem to phase most people, but it just absolutely baffles me! I don’t understand why either party is happy about it… am I just being dense and missing something here?

The real question is, which ones should you buy if they’re both the same? I guess it’s down to price. 17 ones cost £5.99 each (magnet included) and the FashionistA ones are £6.00 each with the magnet sold separately at £3.00. Clearly, then, the 17 ones win. Having said that, FashionistA do have the added bonus of a fifth colour, All Fired Up Red (which is actually lovely).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the magnetic polish trend. I just don’t get this whole identical business! The magnets are quite fun to experiment with. Have you tried turning the magnet sideways to create vertical waves on the nail instead of horizontal ones? They also work brilliantly with a matte topcoat, somehow the matte finish seems to make it look even more 3D.

What’s your opinion on the fact that the offerings from 17 and FashionistA are exactly the same products? I mean, I realise that different brands release products that are basically the same as each other ALL the time, but they just couldn’t have made this one any more obvious if they’d tried.

I just want to point out, I bought the 17 polishes myself and was sent the FashionistA ones for review some weeks later. I would be furious if I’d bought both sets, although frankly if I had have been stupid enough to do that without realising then I would have deserved to waste my money! Haha

19 thoughts on “The (Magnetic) Elephant In The Room

  1. This really annoys me too, and I don’t think many people have called them out on it? Obviously, the 17 ones win as better value for money, but I’m really unhappy about the fact that the companies made it /so obvious/. Nails Inc’s are apparantly very similar to these as well…and those are even more expensive!

  2. They are identical! They could have made some effort, especially not being the same price.
    I’d hate the have to spend another £3 for the magnet after a £6 polish.
    I’d like to see them do different magnet patterns.

  3. So silly to put out exactly the same colours, especially on Fashionista’s part as theirs is more expensive! I don’t really like the idea of buying the magnet separately anyway, its just annoying – why would I buy something that I then have to spend more money to actually use? Do wish that 17 had the red one though! Although they’ll probably come out with one soon enough haha.

  4. Let’s put it this way, I definitely can’t tell which polish is which on your nails, without you telling me :S

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on the 17 ones, but like when Barry M brought out their Nail Effects, I can’t find them anywhere argh!

  5. I would definitely be annoyed if I had got them both! Fortunately I don’t really wear polish so haven’t tried any magnetic ones yet. The green one does look lovely though.

  6. haha love the first paragraph! but your right, sometimes it’s not all about originality but it’s just about the amount of money they make. I’m not too into the magnetic trend yet but I’m sure I’ll get into it at some point, the purple one is lovely :)

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  7. Yes you are right, I saw the FashionistA ones in Superdrug when I bought my Magical Dragon polish and the fact you have to buy the magnet as well did put me off. I managed to snap up all 4 of the 17 polishes though :-)

  8. How do you manage to get the pattern to appear all the way to the end of your nail? My nails aren’t particularly long but they curve down over the end of my finger and so when I hold the magnet over it, I get the pattern strongly at the base of the nail and it barely shows at the tip!

  9. Hahaha so glad I didn’t buy the FashionistA polishes! To be honest, the separate magnet thing put me right off. Until a friend of mine pointed out that I could use the magnet on the 17 polishes haha. Might try the red one from FashionistA though if it’s available around here. Although knowing Lincs, most likely not! xx

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