October/November Favourites

So I’ve decided almost certainly that I don’t change up my makeup routine frequently enough to justify a Favourites post each month. One every two months seems much more realistic!

:: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint – You know what I’m like with foundations/tinted moisturisers by now. My preference in terms of level of coverage chops and changes more than my weight (which is a lot). At the moment, I’m feeling tinted moisturiser more than foundation, and Liz Earle’s first foray into coloured cosmetics is my choice product at the moment. Literally can’t fault it, and it’s the perfect colour. I wear ’01 Bare’ of course. Will review properly one day… like I say I will with everything else!

:: Stila ‘Marrakesh’ Eyeshadow Palette – I bought this off Lily about a million years ago, chucked it promptly in my ‘to try’ drawer and never touched it again. I only pulled it out about 6 or 7 weeks ago and tried it. I have to admit, I wasn’t very impressed, it was kinda shite to be quite honest. That was when I swatched it sans-base, though – I tried it again over good ol’ UDPP a few days later and discovered that this palette is actually lovely. The colours are just beautiful, I feel really autumnal wearing these shades (even though we seem to have bypassed Autumn this year and skipped straight to Winter, right?). They can be a bit of a pain to blend, though, as too much brush action will start to fade the colours away on the lid.

:: Inglot Eyeshadow in DS458 – Oh, how I wish Inglot eyeshadows had names! They are bloody fantastic, though, so I can overlook that. I have to say, this is probably one of my most frequently used shadows of the entire year, let alone October and November. See, even on days when I can’t be bothered with proper eyeshadow, I’ll still chuck a very nude eye base (usually MAC Paint in Bare Study) over the lid and hastily put a bit of this into my crease. My eyelids are a funny shape, you can never see it in my FOTD/EOTD pictures because angles rule, but the outer corners of my eyes are slightly hooded (which makes winged liner exceptionally difficult to pull off), and so I just really feel the need to have some shadow in my crease to lift that outer corner of the eye. This is my favourite shadow for that purple! Whilst it looks quite heavy in the swatch, it’s easy to blend lightly.

:: Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in 06 – I totally love these. I am a fool for eyeshadows in cream/mousse/gel/stick form. The Kiko shadow sticks are just like MAC Shadesticks but better – I talked a bit more about shade 18 in this post if you want to have a look. The colours of these are just so, so gorgeous. I’m particularly enamoured with this one at the moment, so much so that it’s been replacing MAC Bare Study as the lid product for my lazy day eye. Now that’s saying something!

:: Topshop Lipstick in Pillow Talk – This one’s been causing a bit of a storm in blog land lately, right? I’d seen it on loads of blogs and admired it, but just had this feeling it wouldn’t look right on me so never pursued it. Then, just a few weeks ago, I was hunting in Topshop’s flagship store for some nail polishes for a swap I’m doing at the moment (could only find two of them, sigh), and this caught my eye out of nowhere. I thought ‘ooh, that looks nice’, looked at the bottom of the tube to find out the name and was quite surprised that it was actually the infamous Pillow Talk. It looked quite different in real life, and I picked it up on a whim. Very glad I did – it suits me a lot more than I initially thought it would!

:: Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Smooth Talker – A little something I picked up in America that remained in its plastic packaging for months before I even bothered to open it. I have consequently kicked myself for not cracking this one out sooner, it’s LOVELY. It’s clearly modeled after BeneFit’s Sugarbomb, the four colours are pretty much identical. I think I paid about $7 or something for this, whereas BeneFit’s blushes cost what these days, £23.50? No brainer, really.

Top row: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, Kiko Shadestick 06, Topshop Pillow Talk
Middle row: Inglot DS458, Hard Candy Smooth Talker (all colours swirled together)
Bottom row: Stila Marrakesh palette

Which products have you been loving lately? Favourites posts are one of my favourite kind of posts to read, so please feel free to link me to yours in the comments :)

3 thoughts on “October/November Favourites

  1. Wow that is a great set of colors. I am interested in the blush and lipstick. Although I think I need to do a look with some shadows similar to the Marrakesh palette. They are just lovely.

    1. I’ve been considering buying Inglot DS458 for a while now, and I think your photo pushed me over the edge. I’m wanting an absolutely neutral, non-shimmery crease shade, and that one looks pretty darned near perfect.

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