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Filling in my brows is hands down one of the most essential steps in my daily makeup routine. I am quite happy to leave the house with not a scrap of makeup on the rest of my face, but I feel so awful without my brows on. Anyone else with me on this? In my case it’s a result of some zealous over-plucking in my early teens.

Sleek’s new wax-and-powder combo Brow Kit has been hailed as a fantastic high street dupe of BeneFit’s cult Brow Zings kit. Personally, I’ve never tried the BeneFit version, but I wanted to see how it compared to my beloved ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit. Naturally, the Sleek one is more similar to BeneFit what with the two mini brow brushes and pair of mini tweezers included, but ELF’s offering is less than half the price of Sleek’s and has been an absolute staple in my collection for a long time. To be honest I probably would have never bought the Sleek MakeUP version myself because I’ve been perfectly happy with ELF, but since I had the opportunity to try this one it’s been interesting to consider their pros and cons.

Stupidly – and I didn’t even notice this until I was resizing and watermarking the photos – but I actually took photos of both different eyes for the before and afters. Sorry! But even so, you can see the huge difference in my brows and why it’s so important for me to do them!



Now, I don’t know if it’s just me who thinks so, but I found the wax from Sleek’s kit leans just a touch too red for my skin and hair tones. The pigmentation and quality of the product as a whole, though, can’t be denied. The brushes are pretty good too, although I prefer to use my own designated brow brushes but they are obviously a great addition for the everyday consumer – as are the tweezers; always handy!

So yes, this is definitely a great kit but I feel the wax is just a teeny bit red for my liking. Of course the lack of shade range (this only comes in a choice of Light or Dark) means I wouldn’t be able to find a better match, but I have found the perfect combination. The powder in the Sleek kit is a bit darker and just more suited to me than the one from the ELF kit, so I’ve taken to using the ELF wax and Sleek powder as my go-to brow combo. So both kits are useful to me, but honestly I can’t see myself buying the Sleek one again just for the powder when the ELF one is just as good at less than half the price.

Either way, I think another high five for Sleek MakeUP is deserved! :)

Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit is available in Superdrug stores or online for £7.99.

8 thoughts on “Review: Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

  1. i’ve been waiting for someone to review this against the ELF one! i love my elf eyebrow kit, i even bought a back up the other day when they had 40% off! great post :) x

  2. Your “before” brows are the brows of my dreams! Mine are so over plucked! Anyway! I totally agree, I don’t fill in my brows it looks like hvae no brows so I HAVE to fill them in even if I do nothing else! I haven’t tried the Sleek kit but I have the Elf one and although the wax is fine, the powder in that, in both the medium and dark is far too red. The only thing I’ve found that isn’t too red is one of the colours in the HD powder palettes. It’s so annoying! I think it looks fine until I see myself in day light and I’ve got orange brows!

  3. Aha! I suspected the brow kit might be too red for me. Glad to have it confomed before I spent my money on it.

    Oh, and cheats option when you do the wrong eye- flip the image in a photo editor (I use GIMP). Nobody will ever know! (Well, nobody has spotted it on my blog)

  4. I have never given much thought to my brows really. I do groom them, but definitely not as much as I should and would like to. I have a brow wax in pencil form that I have to check if it’s still good. I do see that it’s a bit red on the after shot. Thanks for the review!

  5. I’m the same about my brows – I’ve only started paying attention to them in the last month or so but I can’t imagine going out without them done now! I reviewed the Sleek kit recently and said the same thing about the redness of the wax, but luckily that sort of suits my hair colour :)

  6. This is so useful! I use the sleek one but find I mix the wax with the powder and apply together to eliminate the warmth of the wax. Will look into the elf ones,
    Williamspromakeup x

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