Polishgasm: Essence Hello Holo

Oh my god. Just, oh my god. I have never seen a silver holo glitter that is so… holo glittery. Oh my god.

Note that this isn’t just Hello Holo on its own – this is two coats of it over Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (just an opaque silver).

Less word vomit, more holo porn.

Oh my god. *dead*

12 thoughts on “Polishgasm: Essence Hello Holo

  1. :D I like to see that someone else has fallen in the trap of Hello Holo… It’s my absolutely favourite glittery top coat ever, those holo particles really show up… and I adore it!!!! Whenever I wear it I can’t stop looking at my nails!!

  2. sweet jesus, move over gosh holo, this is the real drama. you’re bound to have all eyes on you with these talons and i am loving it xx
    also hopefully this should have more lasting power (longer than half a day) than gosh holo haha xx

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