Sunday Stumbles

I’m quite the fan of typography, and this is just a whole new level of awesome!

Bizarre natural phenomenon alert! This hiking trail in Austria spends six months a year as a 10-foot lake! This is just amazing, take a look.

A collection of stunning long exposure photographs from Bragi J Ingibergsson.

Genuinely one of the best questions I’ve ever seen on Yahoo Answers. :D

Shit just got real! Those who use and/or are familiar with the interface of Photoshop will really appreciate the attention to detail in this.

I developed an admittedly unhealthy obsession with Churros during my time in America earlier in the year. They’re very rare to come across in the UK, though, so this recipe for adorable little Churro Tots might be my saviour!

You’d be surprised at how easy the setup was for this trippy photo.

Give me this house. Now. I’ll even learn French if I can have it.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to plant and grow your own freaking pineapple?! I don’t even like pineapples but I so want to do this.

As a serious grammar Nazi, this definitely tickled me. :)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stumbles

  1. LOL I don’t like pineapples much either (apart from dried) but I want to grow my own pineapple too now haha!
    Some amazing photography there – Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you :) this might be too advanced for me, I need to look for what a split infinitive is, and I don’t know how to avoid ending some sentences with a preposition, but I really enjoyed the link. Was not sure I was going to read the article after the title, but glad I stuck with it :) growing pineapples is scary, the leaves are as sharp as razor blades. Xx

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