Guest Post: Sophie’s Sleek/PPQ Palette Review

I was sent the new Sleek Makeup palette in collaboration with PPQ a few weeks ago now, but immediately upon opening I just knew the colours weren’t my sort of thing. To save it sitting unused forever, I knew that Sophie from Me Love Makeup collects them – in fact I distinctly remember her buying the old discontinued Curious palette from me a couple of years ago! So I sent this new palette to Sophie, and she’s kindly written a post about it for Do Not Refreeze :) thanks Sophie!


That’s right people, Sleek MakeUp have released yet another new palette. They seem to be releasing loads right now, I can’t actually keep up!

So, first off, I want to thank Leanne for letting me do this review for her.

I’m a massive fan of Sleek MakeUp in general, but I love their palettes the most, and I collect them all. So I am always excited to add to my collection, and this new Limited Edition Palette is a welcome addition.

Sleek MakeUp have teamed up with PPQ to create this palette to go along with the PPQ S/S 2012 theme. The palette has an interesting mix of shades, not necessarily shades I would have put together, but I do like them all.

They have really quirky names for the colours too, from Chris De Burgundy to Lilac Allen. I like that they give the shades names, but I would prefer them to be printed on the back on the palettes, than being in an insert, because I normally always lose it.

The quality of the shadows is overall great, although a couple of the matte shades need to layered to get decent pay off. The shimmers though as soft, and so pigmented. I have done some swatches for you to see (sorry they’re not the best, I’m not the best swatcher!)


So, Pink Beret and Supernova are the two matte shades that I’m talking about. They are quite sheer, but they are definitely buildable. It’s quite an odd mix of shades for one palette, but I do think I will get use out of them all. I particularly love Primal Green and Blue Monday.

This palette was released on the 16th September, and is an online exclusive only, you can get yours here, priced £6.49.  Remember, it’s a Limited Edition.

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