Catrice ‘Dirty Berry’

Phwoar. Muted purple holo? YES PLEASE.

I partook in a swap recently with a wonderful reader named Sylvia from Germany, she doesn’t have her own blog but she’s an absolute sweetheart!

I was really quite excited by the prospect of trying out Essence and Catrice nail polishes, having seen a lot of European nail bloggers showcasing them before. One that I knew I needed was Dirty Berry by Catrice. It’s LOVELY!

This non-flash photo is actually pretty colour accurate (surprising for a purple, right?) – the photos with flash are leaning a little bit too blue. But yes, I just love everything about this polish! The dusty mauve colour and the awesome holographicness. The formula is fantastic, too – great consistency and very opaque, I did two coats just to be thorough; you know me, I always do. The drying time wasn’t particularly fast (still felt tacky after about 5 minutes) but I always always apply a fast drying topcoat anyway.

Amazingly, I think the holo finish actually looks stronger on the nails than it does in the bottle. What do you reckon? This is really unusual because I normally find that holographic polishes always look more holo in the bottle.

I love it. Very impressed with my first taste of Catrice!

10 thoughts on “Catrice ‘Dirty Berry’

  1. this is one beautiful nail polish! i think i have to tell my mum to get me one and send it over :) catrice nail polishes are brilliant, great quality and incredibly cheap! xx

  2. I love this polish! Went out and bought it today because of these pics :P It’s strange that it’s not sold in the UK though; there are Catrice and Essence stands everywhere in Ireland! Usually we get the same brands…

  3. I just got this, and it’s sooooo pretty… but I hate to “waste” it building up layers. Any ideas on an inexpensive matching creme base it could be layered over?

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