Guest Post: Zarina’s Water Decal Designs

When Zarina (MarShee) emailed me to offer to guest post, I was AMAZED when I looked through her blog! Her nail art is amazing, you must check it out. But read this guest post first! :D


Hello lovelies! I’m Zarina, from the Philippines. (^__^)
I started blogging 4months ago mainly to share my passion for nail art and my love for animals. ♥
I have 4 dogs and my sweet Boyfriend breeds lovebirds.
You just don’t know how much I love nail art. I have cried over it! Seriously!
My nail art adventure has its highs and lows, I got to a point where I just wanna give up. But with the support of my loving boyfriend, his mom, my family and close friends I got the strength to ignore all the negative things being thrown at me. Isn’t it a nice feeling when you get lots of love?? I am very happy with my sweet Boyfriend. He is my #1 fan. When I do a design, he always tells me that it is the most beautiful one and kisses my hand. *giggles* He also buys me polishes. Helps me with my swap matter. He is imply the best! (^__^) Oh well enough drama this post is getting long. hehe.

I’d like to thank Ms. Leanne for having me as one of her “Guest Blogger”. ♥ ♥ ♥
I really really had a hard time hinking on what to post. Of course I want something pretty for Ms. Leanne’s followers. I have tried stamping and freehand techniques. But today I wanna share some of my designs using water slide decals. Easy to apply for that instant glam nails! (^__^)

The first one is a Kerokeropi decal
over 2coats of Caronia Sweet Surprise polish.

The second one I used small flower decals
over 2coats of Elianto in Peach.

Lastly I used a lovely decal whole nails coverage
over 2coats of Bobbie in Vodka On Ice polish.

Directions for applying Nail Decals:

1. Paint your nail any light color, French manicure, or clear, and make sure nails are dry.
(Typically, leaving one hour between painting nails
and applying water slide nail decals is a good idea.)
2. Cut out decal and soak in water for about 15 seconds.
3. Take out of water and decal will slide off the white backing.
4. Apply to nail, dry off excess water, and coat with at least two coats of clear polish.
(The clear nail polish seals the water slide nail decals to your fingernails.)
5. When ready to remove, just use fingernail polish remover.

Polishes used:

Oh my gosh! I’m soo nervous while doing this post.
I hope you lovelies liked it. (^__^)
♥ Love. Love. Love ♥


You shouldn’t be nervous Zarina, it was lovely! Thank you :)
Be sure to check out the next guest post, by Rebecca of Oh! Panda!

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