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Hello ladies! When you read this, I’ll be Stateside – how exciting! I was very lucky to have several people come forward to write guest posts for me while I’m gone, so here’s your first one, very kindly written by Rhiannon from The Other Side of Cool. Enjoy!


Hi, I’m Rhi and I blog over at The Other Side of Cool. Doing a guest post for the lovely Leanne whilst she is away, let’s hope she’s having a great time.

I thought a really good idea for a post would be a sort of ‘Summer Guide’. Here I’m going to talk about my favourite songs for Summer 2011, include some healthy recipes to help keep me feeling good, show you what I’ll be wearing on those hard days relaxing by the beach and what I’ll be carrying in my bag!

Summer Playlist

First off, lets talk about the tunes! I am a bit of an ‘indie kid’ so my music taste can sometimes be a bit deep and dark, but for Summer it’s all about easy listening, feel good tunes. The kind of music that makes you want to sing along and dance! Here is my top Summer playlist for 2011, get youtubing and dance along!

1. Kooks- Naive
2. Jason Mraz- Curbside Prophet
3. Matt Wertz- The Day Forever Died
4. Chase and Status- Eastern Jam
5. Gym Class Heroes- Clothes Off!
6. Darude- Sandstorm
7. Jacks Mannequin- Holiday From Real

Summer Menu

Something really important about Summer, is eating. You need to feel good inside, you can’t fill yourself with heavy food and junk food or you will just feel ‘bleugh’ and totally ruin the great weather for you. I am a terrible cook though so anything too complicated and it wont be edible! I’ve found that picking a few favourite things and just mixing it up is really easy.


It’s sooo simple, even I could do it! I just made the pasta and added my favourite sauce.

Boil new potatoes, cut in half and leave to cool. Stir in some seasoning, chopped onions and low fat mayo.
Chop some lettuce, cucumber, tomato and ham and toss together. I then drizzle over a little olive oil and add a little cheese if you fancy.
Easy! Only took me about 15 minutes in total and so much better than the usual rubbish that we tend to eat!


And to beat the temptation of grabbing a hot dog for lunch whilst at work I take in with me a simple but yummy wrap.
I just heated the wraps for 20 seconds in the microwave to soften, added chopped lettuce, ham, cucumber and halved cherry tomatoes. A smidgen of low fat mayo, folded it up, wrapped in cling film and saved for lunchtime. Really refreshing and delicious!

Summer Wardrobe

And of course, last but by no means least, the essentials. What will I be wearing? Well hopefully, not a lot! I am really into colour and patterns and bright, bold happiness right now. These loose fitting floral tops are great for throwing over some frayed hotpants and a bikini.



1. Straw Trilby- New Look- 9.99. Protect your hair from the sun and keep cool in this ever stylish trilby!
2. Water Melon Espadrilles- Topshop- 14.00. Brighten up your feet in this funky pair!
3. Strapless Maxi- MissGuided- 18.99. Light weight, effortlessly stylish!

4. Strapless Dress- New Look- 6.74. Easy to wear and easy to throw on over a bikini!
5. Floral Bag- Boo Hoo- 15.00. Fit all your beach gear into this playful bag!

And most importantly, don’t forget sun cream (high factor), sunglasses (with UVA protection), plenty of water and to have a great time!

These mirrored wayfarers are my top lust have this month! Get them for just 4.99 from MissGuided.

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 10.34.55


Thank you so much Rhi! Look out for my next guest post, by Lily of Beauty’s Bad Habit!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rhi’s Summer Guide

  1. Great post, it has everything – music, food, fashion. :)
    I’d add Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Love ft. Adam Levine to the summer playlist too.

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