Guest Post: Rebecca’s Favourite Lip Stains

Today’s post has been kindly written by Rebecca from Oh! Panda. I don’t really own much in the way of lip stains myself, but Rebecca’s post has tempted me into trying some different ones! Hope you enjoy!


When I knew I was going to be guest posting on Leanne’s awesome blog, I racked my brains for a topic and I thought I would share some of my favourite lip stains with you. I love lip stains and would probably pick a lip stain over a lipstick. I don’t think they are covered enough on the blogosphere so here we are…

Annoyingly, after I got together my favourite lip stains and did some searching around online it seems a lot of them have been discontinued or have changed. After some deliberation I decided to go ahead and show you my favourites anyway. There are plenty of lip stains out there for you to choose from so look at this post more as a guide, inspiration or an introduction to the world of lip stains!

Here are my four favourite lip stains…

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Water Based Lip Tint in Rose Pixel

Bourjois have discontinued these tints and I have to say, I am gutted (although they still appear on online stores and discount makeup shops.) They are awesome. Very watery but well pigmented. Best used on freshly scrubbed lips, make sure you lips are dry (as in not wet or moist) and this applies like a dream. This is key with lip stains, you need well scrubbed soft lips for them to work, chapped bitty lips will not complement lip stains! The colour of this lasts well and doesn’t go patchy.

Barbara Daly Make-up Colour & Gloss in Vintage

I have found Barbara Daly’s make-up range for Tesco to be a bit hit and miss in the past although I haven’t tried anything new from them for a good few months. This is definitely a ‘hit’. Vintage is a lovely brownish nude shade, the only brown shade I have ever pulled off! The gloss is average but the colour is great and long-lasting. It is slightly tacky on application but applies well and sets lovely.

E.L.F Lip Stain in First Date

I own four of e.l.f’s lip stains and I would recommend these to EVERYONE! They are part of the studio range and cost a measly £3.50. Bargain alert! The gloss is nothing special and I tend to use my own gloss with lip stain anyway, but it is handy having them together as it means for top ups only one product is needed! The colour range is good, although would love to see more reds and some plums. It applies like a dream and stays put well throughout the day. I have found one of mine to be going a little bit patchy but I think that’s down to the age (had it a while!) as it wasn’t when I bought it.

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain in 03

The Body Shop no longer do their stains in a range of colours, as far as I am aware there is just the one shade, a red. Personally, I do not use this as a cheek stain, I don’t get on well with cheek stains! As a lip stain it’s great though! A watery stain (like the Bourjois one) and colour can be built up gradually (something that is harder to do with the creamier offerings from Barbara Daly and E.L.F.) This is probably the longest lasting of the bunch, it really does last all day. I use the red one I own as a base for lipsticks sometimes, just to give softer coloured lippies a ‘pop’.

Here are some swatches…

Left to Right: Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Water Based Lip Tint in Rose Pixel, Barbara Daly Make-up Colour & Gloss in Vintage, E.L.F Lip Stain in First Date, The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain in 03.

On the lips…

Top: Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Water Based Lip Tint in Rose Pixel Bottom: E.L.F Lip Stain in First Date

Well I hope you have found this little insight to my favourite lip stains interesting. Like I said before, I don’t see these wonderful products covered half as much as they should be! They won’t be for everyone but I urge you to go and try one if you never have, you may be pleasantly surprised!


Thanks a lot Rebecca, great post :D (and don’t you have amazing teeth?)! Look out for my next post by Louise of GretalRabbit Writes!

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