Guest Post: Aimee’s Nautical Nails

Here is my tenth and final guest post – I hope you have all been enjoying them! Today’s is a post about nautical designs for short nails from Aimee at Aimee’s Nails.


First of all I’d like to thank Leanne for letting me do this post, it’s the first time I’ve been a Guest Blogger and I’m so nervous as well as EXCITED!!!

After having 2 sets of gel overlays after each other, my nails were incredibly weak, so they either broke down or were filed down to an extremely short length. Today, I’m going to prove that even short nails can be fabulous by showing you all this really easy nautical bail art.

You Will Need:

-A Nude-ish Polish (Model’s Own Nude Beige used here)

-A Red Nail Art Pen (Or Varnish with a Smaller Brush:)

-A White Nail Art Pen (Or Varnish with A Smaller Brush:)

-A Blue Nail Art Pen (Or Varnish with a Smaller Brush:)

-A Top Coat


First, paint all nails with the nude polish

Then, using the blue and white nail art pens draw stripes diagonally on the right side of the nail going out to the left.

Stripe all of the nails in different ways (the index too, I must have taken the photo before I did it. Oops!)

Next, start adding a red detail to each of the nails.

You would not believe how easy it it to do this. Just follow my ‘3 rules for nautical’;

1. Red, Blue, White Colours

2. White and Blue Stripes

3. Red Detailing

And Voila! We are done! It is just as easy to create this look on long nails too. Nautical is one of those looks which can be used on nails any shape or size.

Adding rhinestones can add the extra WOW factor to the look.

I hope you like my post and thanks again to Leanne for letting me post. If you have any questions or queries, or to see more nail art, reviews and ramblings, feel free to visit my blog at

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great summer so far!!

-Aimee- x


Thank you Aimee, they are super cute! I love your 3 simple rules for Nautical.

By the time this one goes live I should have been back in England for a few days, so my next post will be written by me! See you all soon :)

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