Giveaway Winner!

HELLO! I’m back :3 did you miss me?

I’m still far too exhausted to talk in any great length about my holiday, but the short version is that it was fantastic! And I’ve missed blogging, so I’m just going to get straight on with it now!

First, I want to extend a COLOSSAL thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who filled in for me while I was away. You were absolute life savers and I am exceedingly grateful for all your amazing posts! I owe you one. :)

But now I need to announce the winner of the Sleek Caribbean Collection – thank you to everybody who entered. I noticed there was quite a few less entries than I usually get on my giveaways, I did wonder why and then I remembered that I made it UK only for the first time! Sorry about that, my next one should hopefully be worldwide again :)

Moving swiftly on, there was a total of 66 comment entries. decided upon…

Comment number 20, which belonged to…

Miss LV!

According to Miss LV’s comment, it was her birthday yesterday (the day the giveaway ended) – so a slightly belated Happy Birthday to you, and I hope you enjoy this extra present! I will email you after I get home this evening, but feel free to email me first if you see this beforehand so I can get your address and send the prizes off.

Congrats to Miss LV, and thank you all again for entering!

I should mostly be back to my normal posting schedule now, although my birthday is coming up very soon (10th August) so I might not be perfectly regular with my posting around then as I haven’t got plenty of posts scheduled in advance! Either way, I’ll speak to you all soon :)

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