Cracking Summer Manicure

Sorry, but I’m still not quite bored of crackles!

I wanted to wear something BRIGHT on my nails (despite my ugly index finger stump which I keep constantly breaking..). Out came Sleek’s nail polish in Florida (how appropriate!). It’s a BRIGHT one!

I mentioned a few posts back that Superdrug bargain brand MUA had released some crackles but that I failed to get them that day. I picked up a couple the following weekend, and I actually really like them! They are very thin in consistency compared to other crackles I’ve tried, so I can’t forsee them drying out too quickly like the others often can.

If you apply the MUA crackles in a thin layer, you’ll get a very ‘stringy’ crackle with thin lines close together. I wanted big chunks of colour over my neon orange nails, though, so I applied the shade Shiver quite generously to achieve biiig crackles. Awesome.

Oh, and I should also point out that MUA Nail Quake crackle polishes are £2.99 each, not £1 if you were assuming that!

17 thoughts on “Cracking Summer Manicure

  1. I love these colours!
    So bright and summery :)
    I’m yet to try crackle nail polishes, which is probably very strange coming from a beauty blogger :’)

    I think I was put off by the array of dark colours that first came out.
    May have to try it now they have lots of lovely brights.

    New Follower.:D

    Make-Up for Biochemists


  2. I really like this combination! I’m not tired of crackles either. :) And I’m not sure why, but my index fingernail is the one that breaks the most as well…I suppose because I use it more.

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