Review – ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

Short version: I love this. Get it.

Okay okay…

Slightly longer version: This doesn’t need to be a particularly long review because I can concisely tell you everything that’s good about it! If you like gel liners, you will LOVE this offering from ELF. I know it’s called Cream eyeliner, but it’s basically the same thing as gel.

I was an Illamasqua Cake Eyeliner devotee up until I got this, and my reason for getting this was that cake eyeliner requires a little longer to prepare as you have to mix it with water or a sealant to ‘activate’ it and it takes a bit of time and patience to get just the right opaque consistency. So I wanted something I could use immediately when I’m in a rush in the mornings without having to mix up the product myself, and this has WAY exceeded my expectations. It’s the perfect consistency for me and applies really easily with no skipping or anything. The smooth and workable formula make it so easy to achieve the classic cat-eye liner look.

If you like to use an angled brush to apply this sort of eyeliner (personally I prefer a fine liner brush), the mini one that comes with it is actually great quality. I would say ‘it’d be great to keep in your makeup bag for touch ups’ – but this eyeliner will seriously never need a touch up! It isn’t marketed as waterproof but remained perfect when I got caught in some torrential rain. My favourite thing about it, though, is it’s opacity. It’s SO PIGMENTED! Check the scribbly swatches below, each just one stroke of a brush (apart from the big splotch obviously..)

Honestly, this has got to be one of the best things I’ve ever spent £3.50 on. You NEED it. They have several other colours – Coffee (brown) and Midnight (navy) for those who prefer something a little less harsh than black, along with white, and a recent addition of four new shades with shimmer! I’m quite tempted by Purple, Copper and Gunmetal!

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner is available online for £3.50.

15 thoughts on “Review – ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

  1. How difficult is it to remove? It looks amazing, but I don’t want to order it if I won’t be able to remove it with basic makeup remover. For some reason my skin is totally chill with 99% of the things I do to it, but the second I put any pressure into the makeup removal around my eyes my skin is all “greatballsofangrykittenfluff! What are you doing!?” and I end up pained, red, and puffy.

  2. I love this stuff too! Like you, I use a dry eyeshadow mixed with sealant atm, but this is great for something quick. For cat eyes etc it isn’t as sharp as I like ‘em, but for something a bit smudgier it’s perfect!

  3. I was looking at this yesterday but I wasn’t too sure. I have the Maybeline gel eyeliner but it leaves black lines on my eyelids! so I may just give this ago instead :)

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  4. Thanks for the review hun! I am of the MAC Fluidline Blacktrack fan club but have been hearing nothing but positive things about this so think I’ll deffo give it a try! I mean at that price, you can’t complain really! :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. I love this too and my other fave shade is the purple one. Love it for a tidy cat eye look.I have seen American reviewers saying it’s waxy and rubbish but maybe they just had duff ones. The two I’ve had have been great.

  6. Just found your blog from the link elf posted on facebook! Glad they did :) I have this in my wishlist to buy as soon as my wages clear.. the black is sold out right now tho, boo!

    I’ve never tried a gel liner, usually just using normal liquid, but thought i’d give it a go and ELF are good for trying new things as they’re so cheap.

    Really looking forward to trying it now, knowing its good! xx
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