Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Ladies – I need a favour!

You might be aware that I’ll be away on holiday in a few weeks. I had originally hoped to have posts scheduled for the time I was away, but I’m sure you know what it’s like trying to juggle work and blogging at the best of times!

It’s kind of a blessing in disguise that I haven’t got round to scheduling those posts, though. Because I actually think it would be a MUCH better idea to have some guest posters while I’m away!

If anybody would be interested in writing a guest post for Do Not Refreeze, please send an email to You can write about more or less anything you like – it would be cool to see some different stuff on here that’s set apart from the sort of things I usually post about. That’s not to say I’m not interested in guest blogs for nail art or anything – but it would be amazing if some of you out there would be interested in writing about fashion, health, recipes, pretty much anything!

Please get in touch if you’re interested – I’ll be extremely grateful :) x

6 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers Wanted!

  1. Hi!
    I blog about quite a bit of things, but I have no clue about if any of it might actually like any of it… I’m a follower of your blog as I’m a nail art addicted too – though just a beginner, in Italian, here: – but I also like talking about makeup, accessories and randomness on my English blog here: (I passed on a blogger award to you there!), and I chat and chat about cooking as well (Italian: and also a barely started English version: )… maybe there’s something that might appeal to you there? Drop me a line if you want!

  2. Hello m’love! I’m definitely interested, if you’d like we could do a kind of ‘blog-swap’ for today, i could guest on yours and you could guest on mine? it would be fun!
    I mainly blog about make-up and clothing, so if you nip onto and let me know what you think, I’d be happy to help! If you’re not up for guesting on mine, no bother, I’d still be happy to do so on yours :)
    You can contact me via twitter (@ScarletPout) or through my email (

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