The Glossy Wagon – On The Fence!

You’ve most likely seen a few posts on GlossyBox already – they rolled out their preview sample boxes to bloggers this week so naturally your dashboard/Google Reader/BlogLovin has probably popped a few up already. What’s kind of annoying is that all the boxes contain the same thing! I can’t be sure if the contents of the boxes will be the same for customers each month – I’m assuming not as the registration process includes the chance to ‘create your own personal beauty profile on our site. This information will help us to choose the right products to fit your needs and tastes.

If you’ve been living in a convent or something and haven’t heard of Glossy Box, all is explained here. Basically, you pay £10 a month to receive 5 generous sample sizes of luxury high end makeup, skincare or haircare products. In theory, a VERY cool idea. £10 a month seems pretty reasonable when you look at it like that, but when you look at it on a larger scale I believe the contract you sign up for is for a 12 month recurring payment… that’s £120 a year. One hundred and twenty pounds that you’re basically spending on samples. Ouch!

Although overall I was impressed with the idea, the service and the product selection, I have to admit that I probably would never have signed up to receive Glossy Boxes had I not been offered the chance to receive this preview. And I still have to admit that I probably won’t be subscribing. I would probably do it if you could just pay for one box on one month that you felt like it, but I don’t want to be tied to the twelve month thing. Having said that, I completely understand why the company need to have a contract like that, and for those that can afford it and feel that this is a worthwhile spend of their money it really is brilliant.

£10 does seem reasonable for what you can see above. A beautifully packaged box (it would be like having a birthday every month!) sent by Royal Mail Tracked delivery, and this month’s box included a full size NARS Orgasm Illuminator.

I do have a problem with one of the products included in this month’s box, though. The All for Eve lipstick. I’m sure you all know about The Eve Appeal and the All for Eve range, so I don’t feel the need to explain it. But giving one of their products away (in the case of bloggers receiving this for free), or even putting it in the box that consumers have paid £10 for (when the lipstick itself is worth £10.50)… it just doesn’t sit right with me when I know that ALL net profits from All for Eve should be going directly to The Eve Appeal. I don’t know if that’s just me who feels a little uncomfortable with that, but I couldn’t in good conscience use it myself having not paid for it. I’ve given it to my mum’s best friend who is terminal and loves red lipstick – that seems more ‘right’ to me.

In conclusion, if I could get over the whole money thing I’d SO be up for this. £10 a month seems perfectly reasonable, but I just can’t see past the fact that you’re essentially paying £120 a year for samples. I know everything’s beautifully packaged and the sizes are generous, etc, sorry but I’m just a skinflint! If you’re not as tight as me and can justify that, then go for it – I can’t deny it’s a brilliant idea.

17 thoughts on “The Glossy Wagon – On The Fence!

  1. I considered signing up for it but decided to wait until the boxes started appearing on blogs. Like you, I thought about the £120 a year that was getting spent on samples.

    I’m glad I didn’t sign up, I don’t think there’s one thing in this month’s box that I feel I need to try.

    But the US Birch Box always looks so amazing.

  2. I’ve only read about it so I’m not an expert but I think you can stop getting the boxes whenever you want, I don’t think you have to pay for the full twelve months. Although i do agree it is too expensive. If it was samples of products you want to try its brilliant but unfortunately its not.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I know a lot of bloggers are getting wrapped up in the hype of it all, but I really don’t see what is so fantastic about these boxes. Yes, it’s a great idea, and in theory it SHOULD be fantastic, but you’re right – at the end of the day you are spending your hard earned cash on, basically, samples. Yes, like you said, they are generously sized/luxury etc. but at the end of the day they are still samples. Also, this is probably me being ignorant but the brands featured in the boxes aren’t that well known to me (barring Nars) but this could be the reason they’re in the box in the first place – to advertise and make themselves known (I could be completely wrong here but I’ve never heard of any of the other brands so am just guessing). You can’t deny receiving a full sized Nars product for a tenner is great, but it IS the first box, and they have to have a away of getting customers interested. I just get the impression each month there will possibly be one stand-out product and the rest won’t be THAT exciting, which to me seems like a bit of a waste. I don’t think I will be investing in them, because like you I really don’t like the idea of being tied down to a contract, but each to their own!

    Sorry for such a long post, but I completely agree with you! xx

  4. well it’s not £120 a year because you can cancel any time and then resume your subscription later. and if you look at the contents alone – yes it’s not specific to the customer but you get your month’s worth. that NARS product alone is over £10. for a lot of people who dont live near big high-end shops, this is a great, affordable way to try products :)

  5. I kinda think the complete opposite, I think the boxes are actually a great way of saving money. I’d rather pay the £10 which works out as £2 per sample (without P&P or the tracking) to be able to say I’ve tried it, and find some products/brands I really like, instead of buying a full sized product in a shop that I may not like once I’ve tried it out properly.

    I agree, looking at it as £120 sounds a lot. Honestly though, I’ve probably spent that last year on products I’ll never repurchase and the search continues for the HG product.

    As Hannah said, it may be some brands you haven’t heard of, but that doesn’t mean the products aren’t good. In fact they could be really great, a new discovery that you’ll continue to use forever. For people who can’t afford products from high end brands, it’s a way of trying them out rather than buying it online (I live in Cornwall, not many great shops) and then being disappointed.

    Wowza, sorry for the long comment! xx

  6. I agree with you, I didn’t get it for a few reason. First was because, as it happened, so many people have one, and there’s going to be reviews of the same thing popping up all over Blogger in the next few weeks and I think I will end up skipping quite a few of them. Second, because I’d rather spend £10 on something that I KNOW I’d like, as opposed to 5 things that I may or may not like. Third reason, I realised today, is that I’m happy with my skincare/haircare regime and would probably have not used 3/5 samples of this month’s box.

    But if it starts getting tailored to each person, then I would more than willingly spend £10 a month, but at the moment I think it’s a no go for me as well.

  7. I am really glad to finally hear a blogger who is not totally sold by the idea. I am sure you can cancel it at any time but for me the main reasons why I won’t be subscribing are:

    1. I don’t have much money to start off, and I rather spend the £10 a month in something I need and something I know I am going to get.

    2. The idea if one reads the description of the website is to get personalised contents of the box. This personalisation of the box comes from the result of creating a profile. Alas, on the website the link to create a profile and indicate your preferences and stuff was not available before you order your first box (the may) and is still not available (it’s something they are working on. As far as I know then, everybody will be getting the same stuff as well in June. I’d be pretty mad if my surprise is ruined on twitter even before I get my box as well.

    3. They don’t want to reveal the list of partners and companies they are working with because that would be ruining the surprise

    all in all, this is such a cool idea but
    1. if you don’t mind spending a tenner in totally random products, however luxurious and good quality they are
    2. if you are into luxury brands to start with. I don’t own any nars. The most luxurious I’ve got is st tropez fake tanner, a roc anti wrinkle cream, and that’s probably it. Even these I could get at boots at cheaper price, or partly paid with boots points and what not.

    The concept is great but it’s not suitable for my budget and my lifestyle. The thing is as well, I don’t want to get to try a posh expensive product. what if it’s wonderful and then i get (further) in debt trying to maintain this posh lifestyle with posh products. at the end of the day, i am a cheap tat girl, with the occasional splurge but that’s it really. one thing i can’t knock out is how lovely the people at glossy box are, they answered all my questions, and that the service is excellent value for money.

    One thing i am looking forward as a result of this is some little blog sales. I’d love for example to purchase a little something from it, knowing what I am getting. xx

    thank you for this post. I was seriously beginning to think that i was the only one not bowled over by this xx

  8. Wow, how did you get a preview box? I think it is a good idea, but would appeal to more people if there wasn’t a contract, or maybe if you could pick your own samples? but then I suppose that ruins the surprise. :) xx

  9. I found the Terms and Conditions to be very badly written and that the way in which the GlossyBox has been marketed is quite misleading – I asked them whether you sign up for a 12 month contract or whether you can indeed cancel at any time but I never received a reply. However the T&Cs seem to contradict this ‘cancel at any time’ claim. It’s very confusing. Personally I like the concept because I would never otherwise be able to try the higher end brands and I probably never will be able to given the career I’m planning for, and in that sense for me it’s nice to indulge in a little bit of luxury. But I’m not all that happy about the way it’s been sold to us. xx

  10. These seem just like Graze boxes but with make-up instead of food…£120 per year does seem like a lot for products that you wouldn’t necessarily choose. I didn’t realise that this box was a promo for bloggers only so hopefully the products in the boxes for sale are as good…the NARS product seems to be the star of the box here really. I think I would go for this if I had a bit more money to spend but at the moment I probably don’t need any more make-up!
    Thanks for your honest (as always) review :) x

  11. I’m in the ‘delighted’ camp but I do have £10 to spare so I have to admit that upfront.

    1 You can cancel anytime.
    2 They have confirmed they are going to vary the contents of the boxes round about month 3 (July)
    3 The promo box is the same as MY box
    4 I think it’s GOOD value
    5 I like novelty
    6 You could swap items
    7 I’m sure the charity won’t suffer because the RRP is well above what Glossy will be paying and their bulk discount doesn’t mean the charity will necessarily lose out
    8 It’s extremely well packaged and a lovely bit of ephemera
    9 Lots of women (and I’m not proud of this) are paying hundreds of pounds a month for cosmetics so £10 is a drop in the ocean
    10 Demand exceeded supply

    BUT I do expect the headline items to decline in quality/size after a while. Marketing does almost inevitably mean they’ll suck you in.

    Different strokes for different folks…

  12. I think its a bit of a con. I would rather spend £10 on something I know I want. £10 is a lot of money to me and I think if I received a sample of say a face cream I liked I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it at full price and size. Other than the Nars I wouldn’t want any of the other products, and even then I wouldn’t have bought the Nars at full price.

    They are selling SAMPLES which would otherwise be free! The companies giving the products would be giving them for free, in order for people to want to buy the full size.

    Of course the first box will include something good – Nars, that way more people are likely to sign up.

    Maybe a way of supporting the Eve brand is to go and buy another of their products so they are getting a donation.

    I can see it would be exciting to get a suprise once a month though.

  13. Such a great post. I’ve been looking into the idea of Glossybox and I went on there website and it didn’t explain it that much. But I think that having your opinion on it gives others a better understanding of what they could be going into before trying out.. thanks for posting :)

    Click here for my blog :)

  14. I had the same concerns when reading the information on their website, particularly the terms and conditions. My worries were a) that the cost would rise from £10 at some point and b) you would have to sign up for a 12 month subscription. These are the reasons why I didn’t sign up for the first GlossyBox. However, after contacting GlossyBox, I have been reassured that the cost is fixed at £10 and that there is no minimum subscription period as you can cancel whenever you like without being charged to do so.

  15. Really appreciate your honest review! I think the concept would be more successful if the products were sample size, as receiving things you would never have considered yourself make me think most will be unused. Very wasteful and unethical! Also sample sizes could make the box cheaper, £120 on samples a year woah!! that could be used on makeup you would 100% use up xx

  16. These boxes thing are rolling out like mad! I didn’t sign up for it cause the amount per year would get me other stuff I’d really want instead, but I agree that it’s a brilliant idea for those that are into trying new stuff but not wanting to be tied down with the full price. Just not for me though.

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