Polishgasm: Inglot 304

Sometimes, you find a nail polish that just blows you away. I have nearly 300 polishes and counting, yet there’s only a small handful in my collection that still excite me to wear them. Nubar Violet Sparkle is one of them. This is another.

Inglot 304 is actually really sheer and would need several coats to even vaguely resemble how it looks in the bottle. I’m wearing two coats of it here over one coat of Essie Haute as Hello just to give it a more opaque base.

This is one of those posts that doesn’t really need many words. The pictures speak for themselves! Glorious, shiny, shimmery, goldy, peachy goodness. Mmm.

You must know what I’m talking about with the ‘polishes that make your jaw drop’ thing. I can’t be the only one! What are some of the polishes that invoke this batshit crazy reaction in you?

16 thoughts on “Polishgasm: Inglot 304

  1. peachy goodness = me loves.
    oh please please please if (by any chance)you do have models own peach something, could you compare them for us? xx

  2. Gorgeous colour! It actually reminds me of ELF’s Coral polish too- not how it looks on the website but how it looks IRL on nails- perfect for summer!


  3. Gorgeous :D I have a couple favourites – Gosh Green Hawaii and Golden Dragon, and Barry M Navy grace my nails every couple of weeks :D and often the Accessorize Illusions polishes :)

    This one looks very pretty, I’m always so tempted by shades like this but somehow get sidetracked by blues, greens and purples haha. Must remember to keep a lookout next time I go shopping. xxx

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous, wish I was able to get to an Inglot in person, buying sight unseen online makes me a little nervous even with amazing swatches like this.

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