March Favourites

You know, I was really tempted to do a childish April Fool’s post for today saying something along the lines of ‘I’m giving away EVERYTHING I own and quitting blogging for good’ but I suck at lying. Haha, you’re not getting rid of me yet!

:: Topshop Skin Tint (Fair) – As the weather improves, I’ve been favouring this and it’s lighter feel and lighter coverage on my skin as opposed to full coverage foundation. I won’t ramble on too much because you probably saw my review on it last week. If you didn’t see it, go and look now to see the sort of coverage and finish it offers!

:: RMK Creamy Polished Base – This is pricey (£24 for 30ml), but it’s quickly become my new favourite primer. I still love the Illamasqua Satin primer, but this one is silicone based whereas the Illamasqua one is not. That makes this RMK offering a godsend when I’m having a particularly bumpy skin day – applying foundation or whichever base product I choose is a complete breeze over this. I apply it with an ELF Studio powder brush before applying my foundation with the same brush.

:: Fero Light Reflecting Concealer – I will never get over the incredible value of this product. I bought it at IMATS 2010 for a measly £2.50. I use it probably 3 days out of every 4, and it shows no sign of even getting low let alone running out. I did hope to get a backup at IMATS this year but they didn’t have it in the right shade, but I can see it lasting another year easily. It’s a doefoot applicator, and I just like to apply a couple of dabs under each eye before patting it in with my ring finger for the best finish. Instant brightening!

:: ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit – I always used to fill my brows in with eyeshadow or brow powder then set them with a tinted brow gel, but now I am completely converted to the wax-and-powder combination. The little brush included in here is pretty useless, I have two proper angled brushes dedicated for this product, one for the wax and one for the powder. I just get a much neater finish to the brow with this but without them looking fake and drawn on – and it’s a bargain to boot.

:: NYX Angel blush – I’ve had this for donkeys years (well, about 2, so a young donkey) but I’ve been reaching for it much more often recently. It’s only got the tiniest hint of shimmer which just helps to lift the face a little rather than sparkling all over the place, and it’s a lovely soft pink colour which is very difficult to accidentally overdo. A really easy blush to wear, it goes with anything on the eyes or lips.

:: Illamasqua Emerge cream pigment – Part of the current Toxic Nature collection. I’ve been using this quite a lot as an eye colour – a really thin layer patted on and blended with my finger (I find it’s easier to get a thinner layer with my finger as opposed to a brush), and set with a touch of translucent powder just to prolong wear before creasing. If you’ve seen swatches around the blogosphere of Sleek’s new i-Divine palette, there’s a light matte peach in there that I really want just for pairing with Emerge. But I’m too tight to pay out for the palette if that’s the only colour I really want!

:: No7 Limited Edition lipstick in Grace – I LOVE this. I am heartbroken that they don’t sell this anymore (even though they still sell the eyeshadow palette from the Spring collection…), if they still did it I would buy about a million backups. It’s just the perfect everyday lipstick – my ideal natural nude (my lips are naturally very pigmented), soft and moisturising, and it’s so easy to wear that you can slap it on without even using a mirror. It looks a little darker in these pictures than it really is. Absolute handbag essential!

Top L-R: ELF eyebrow kit wax, powder, powder over wax, Fero concealer
Bottom L-R: Illamasqua Emerge, NYX Angle, No7 Grace

What were you loving in March? As usual, feel free to leave links to your monthly favourites post in the comments!

8 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. I’ve been searching high and low for a liquid or wax brow set. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a high amount of beauty suppliers in my city. But ofcourse, non that have gel/wax brow liners! I love ELF, but we only carry a few products at Winner’s and our Dollar stores. Wish I could get this!

  2. Love the look of the Fero concealer and would never give up my ELF eyebrow kit! Couldn’t get hold of the Grace lipstick else I’d definitely have had it, such a gorgeous colour.


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