Hey Shawty

Yup… I’ve got shorties again! I had a hideous breakage on my right hand a while ago, so I needed to cut them all down so they wouldn’t look ridiculous. Also it’s not really practical to keep my nails quite so long now I’m doing a lot more work in the kitchen at work and not just waitressing.

Anyway, I don’t actually think they look too bad at this length. I do LOVE having long nails but I think I might maintain them at this sort of length for a while, just for a change! And, as always when I have to chop my talons down, I broke out the Konad!

I am wearing Models Own Utopia, which looks almost white in these pictures but it’s a super, super pale lavender. The Konad design comes from plate M65, and I used Illamasqua Scorn for the stamping.

What sort of length do you like to keep your nails?

28 thoughts on “Hey Shawty

  1. My nails are about your length now, i couldn’t deal with having them any longer, think they would definitely get on my nerves. Love that konad plate


  2. I love this manicure.
    My nails are a bit longer than yours at the moment and I like having the length but it annoys me that my BM full nail image plates don’t accommodate long nails.

  3. Super, super cute nails! Too bad about having to go shorter – but if it can cheer you up I had to cut them short yesterday night too after destroying one nail… and they’re even shorter than yours!! :( But then… when you can make them to look so cute, it doesn’t even seem a problem!

  4. i have been wanting models own utopia for a good while now. deffo on my wishlist. waiting for that 50% sale, if it ever happens again :/ xx

  5. My nails are about your length now, and it looks (more?) harmonious to the hand overall, but like you I just looove having long nails! ^^ Mine are coated with UV gel – my natural nails are very strong & grow long already, but I just love how indestructible they are with gel ^^ – and I could elongate them anytime, but it is just more practical this way. Hmmmm..

    Love your notd! xxx

  6. My nails were the same length as yours but I had to cut them due to work, I can’t wear nail polish either :( Love this design as well :) I really want to try the Konad stuff, it looks so much fun :)

    Check out my blog here!

  7. My nails are just about your length now. I let them grow past that a bit but no more. I don’t want to poke my eyes out (which is a possibility with longer lenghts). I think this suits you as well as the length you had it at. :)

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