Guest Post: Hello Kitty nail tutorial!

I have a guest post for you today, from a brilliantly talented lady named Stacie Fields. Stacie writes Kawaii Nail Art – just go and take a little peek at her blog for me, and then consider the fact that she started doing nail art in November 2010. Amazing, right?

Stacie kindly agreed to write a guest tutorial for Do Not Refreeze, I really hope you enjoy it!


Thank you so much for letting me guest post, Leanne. I am very excited so I couldn’t just do anything so I decided to do Hello Kitty!

Step 1: After prepping your nails, paint your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers white, I used Models Own in Snow White. Paint your ring finger in black, I used Barry M in black.

Step 2: Paint on bright pink X on the white nails, make sure the white is reasonably dry before trying this or it will shift. I used Models Own in Sophie’s pink and a Daler Rowney liner brush, it was in a pack of 7 I got from Dunelm mill, they have white handles.

Step 3: Using a nail art striper brush paint on black lines parallel to the pink cross.

Step 4: Paint Hello Kitty’s face on using the nib of a nail art pen.

Step 5: I used a short brush to do Hello Kitty’s bow, basically 3 blobs in a row, with the 1st and 3rd I flared the brush to create the bow.

Final Step: Apply top coat. I used Seche Vite.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to see your take on it
Stacie xoxox


Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us Stacie!

So what did you think? Will you be keeping an eye on Stacie’s work from now? You should be! ;P

26 thoughts on “Guest Post: Hello Kitty nail tutorial!

  1. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments. I hope you’ll all visit my blog XD My latest post is a freehand Paisley design.
    Thanks again
    Stacie xoxox

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