February Favourites

I haven’t done a monthly favourites post since November’s one! I did do a Best of 2010 post (and one for nail polish) in place of December Favourites, and I guess January was just too much of a busy month, especially towards the end! But I’ll be back to doing these on their proper monthly basis now :)

:: Kryolan lipliner 906 – I wouldn’t be without this any more. I got it at the IMATS in January (and mentioned it in my IMATS haul post). It cost something ridiculously cheap like £4.60 or so and I love it – the colour definitely features a blue undertone which makes it super flattering on my icy cool skintone. The product is so smooth and creamy, but firm enough to apply accurately without smudging. I like to fill the entire lip in with this before applying my lipstick – and it works so well with SO many shades! I actually even like the colour on its own with a slick of lip balm on top.

:: Illamasqua Wanton lipstick – Another IMATS purchase, but one I had wanted for ages. Quite a ‘grown up’ pink in my books thanks to the mauve tones in it, but certainly not aging or anything. My go-to lip combo this month has been Wanton applied with a brush over the Kryolan lipliner, the cool tones of the liner add another dimension of colour to Wanton from beneath. An easily wearable, but noticeable, lip combo!

:: BeneFit Sippin’ & Dippin’ Creaseless Cream shadow – I bought this from Marcia in a blog sale some time ago, and I’ve used it so frequently since! The photo above washes the colour out a bit, but this is a really, really beautiful golden peach that complements my blue eyes brilliantly. I have reasonably oily lids so I do wear Kryolan eyeshadow base underneath this (otherwise it does crease on me after a few hours), but the colour is what I’m more concerned about! It makes me feel so excited for summer, I love it.

Edit: Leanne informs me that Cheap Smells is selling this for £6.90 – if you like the look of it I suggest snapping it up now as apparently it’s discontinued! Click here

:: Inglot eyeshadow 407 – Had this one for ages, I got it in January 2010. I neglected it for a super long time, but when I got Sippin’ & Dippin’ I noticed they were very similar in colour (although this is perhaps a touch more orange). As I just mentioned, my eyelids can get quite oily so I don’t like to wear a cream product on them without setting it so this is the perfect thing to set S&D with! It’s such a quick, easy summery eye, I don’t even bother with defining the crease or anything. Just this, patted over a slick of S&D, some black liner in the waterline and lashes of mascara make for a super fresh look.

BeneFit Coralista blush – Had this for even longer! I bought this sometime during the summer of 2009 and it was a firm favourite for months on end but I’ve hardly touched it in about 10 months or so. Not really sure why as it’s lovely! I wouldn’t buy another BeneFit blush as I think they’re so overpriced, but I do love this one (and it smells divine too..). Again, you can probably tell I’m more than ready for summer to show up as I tend to stick to matte blushes in the winter months! Well, I know it’s still bloody freezing in England but I’m just getting hopeful what with the teasing bursts of sunshine.

Accessorize Pretty Pink blush – I use this as a highlighter, I wrote a little more about it in this post. This looks amazing just lightly dusted atop the cheekbones, especially when paired with Coralista on the apples of the cheeks as they are in a similar colour family. Obviously this is just a lot lighter, hence using it as a highlight!

Top L-R: Kryolan 906, Illamasqua Wanton, Wanton over 906.
Middle L-R: BeneFit Sippin’ & Dippin’, Inglot 407, 407 over S&D
Bottom: BeneFit Coralista, Accessorize Pretty Pink

What were you loving most for the month of February?

15 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. :) i agree benefit coralista is gorgeous! their Bella Bamba blush doesn’t work on me *sniffs*

    I’d not say Benefit is overpriced for the amount of blush they have, (11-12grams), they’re just a bit $ than NARS (which has 4grams) if one wants to count by amount of product :)

  2. I’m loving Coralista at the moment too! Cheap Smells have the Benefit Sippin n Dippin for £6.90 at the moment. It’s the only colour they have, in case anyone is interested. x

  3. @Jennifer: Daww, I think Bella Bamba looks a bit too shimmery! I’m happy enough with Coralista, I’m not really interested in any of their other blushes!

    @Justine: Ooh I didn’t realise it was discontinued!

    @Emma: Ooh, the merged eyeshadow in Coacoa is SO gorgeous, you have to check it out! I did a post on it last month :)

    @Leanne: Oh really? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have a look and stick that in the post :)

    @Jules: Thank you pixiepants :)


  4. I am totally ready for the warmer times of the years as well!
    Though it’s freezing over here in Germany too. Luckily it’s sunny and that soo gets me in the mood for spring. Yay for spring/summer make up colors now! ^^


  5. I had to do my own makeup for my wedding as we got married abroad and coralista was my blusher, its really lovely and everytime I use it I think about that day. Thanks for the tip re ‘sipping and dipping’ I’ve got the colour but it kept smudging, I’ll try it with a powder underneath now xx

  6. Im a brand spanking new blogger/follower and I’m SO EXCITED to stumble across your blog, its brilliant! And youre from the UK too :D Coralista is actually one of my prize posessions, but i agree theyre hideously overpriced – only for a spesh ocassion i think! the smell is divine – do you know how any of the slightly darker accessorize blushers compare? they look really good but ive yet to try them. and theyre big! i bought an accessorize lipstick in Coral yesterday aswell, i cant wait to swatch that, outrageous!
    keep them coming :D

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