Dirty Sexy Flowers NOTD

This was totally inspired by the lovely Stacie (who did a brilliant guest post for me last week if you didn’t see it). So full credit to her!

I kinda suck at flowers, but I wanted something springy/summery on my nails, then I saw Stacie’s post and just HAD to do something similar.

The base colour is Misa Dirty Sexy Money which I have wanted for AGES – like two years. I just never got round to ordering it online from anywhere, then I spotted it at the Professional Beauty Show and couldn’t not get it! I can’t remember how much I paid for it, somewhere between £3-5 I should imagine.

I’m certainly not disappointed with it – easy to apply, good brush, opaque, touch dries quickly; pretty much everything I want in a polish. GORGEOUS colour too, don’t you think?

The flowers were made with a dotting tool and Illamasqua Velocity, and Models Own Utopia. I dotted the centre of the flowers with a yellow Nails Supreme nail art pen and finished with a slick of Orly’s Polishield topcoat.

I actually got a few compliments on this one which was nice, as no one ever normally comments on my nails when I’m out and about! I have a confession, actually… when I’ve spent a particularly painstaking time working on a nail design, I’ll try really hard to make people notice. Hahaha, you know, like when I pay for things in shops I try to make my fingernails as visible as possible. Or I’ll say to the cashier ‘ooh I like your nails’ (even if they’re all chipped and nasty) in the hopes that they might take notice of mine…

…Haha, that’s really pathetic isn’t it?

P.S. Hi Katie! ♥ Now get back to work!

26 thoughts on “Dirty Sexy Flowers NOTD

  1. Pretty! I do the same sort of thing when I think my nails are especially cool – I’ll make sure they’re always visible! But hey, we all love compliments, right? Nothing wrong with wanting what we deserve!

  2. Oh this is so pretty. I love the colours. I’ve also had a long long lemming for Dirty Sexy Money but have also never got around to buying it. I have Models Own Slate Green which is kinda similar and very pretty too, but I still want DSM! Even more so now.

    This is a design I really want to try out! Thanks for the pics x

  3. That is one absolutely gorgeous mani! I love dotting tools so much! I also compliment others on their nails, especially if they are really nice. Even though I’m not into long fake acrylics, if they are nicely decorated, I still compliment the person.

    I love compliments on my nails too, and sometimes when I’ve done a particularly cute mani, I’ll make sure to run errands where people that I KNOW will notice will see them. Hee.

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