Barely There FOTD

I’m sure I’m not alone in just wanting a fresh, clean look some days. No full coverage foundation, no eyeshadow, gentle lips etc?

The one thing I can’t go without, though, is black on my waterline and tightline. I feel SO naked without it. I think we’re all like that, aren’t we? Even in a ‘minimal’ face there’s always one thing that we can’t go without. Mine is eyeliner. What’s yours?

Products Used
:: Topshop Skin Tint in Fair (post coming soon!)
:: Fero Cosmetics light reflecting concealer
:: ELF Studio eyebrow kit in Light
:: Bourjois black kohl
:: MUFE Smoky Lash mascara (really doesn’t do a lot for me)
:: Topshop cream blush in Flush
:: Illamasqua powder blush in Rumour (just for a bit of colour)
:: Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink

What does your ‘barely there’ face consist of?

18 thoughts on “Barely There FOTD

  1. Mine is definitely eyeliner too, my makeup style has changed loads over the years but the one thing I’ve always felt was necessary was the eyeliner!
    This may be a stupid question but what is a tightline? I’m assuming it’s the opposite to the waterline but I could be wrong!

  2. you look very natural and fresh-faced :) love it
    I rarely do ‘barely there’ make-up, as my skin is always acting up. But if once in a blue moon it starts to behave, I stick to powder and mascara (loads of it)


  3. For a natural look I need light foundation, concealer (most of the time), powder, blusher and mascara. Until a few weeks ago I didn’t wear this little on a regular basis but I’m going through a phase of wearing a lot less at the moment. I really like the Pout Polish on you but I didn’t like the vanilla scent of the one I tried a while ago- do they still have that? xx

  4. Foundation (thick to conceal redness) and lipstick. My poor sensitive eyes won’t tolerate anything these days so can’t wear mascara any more. Sucks…

  5. I LOVE a barely there face! Mine usually consists of moisturiser, powder, concealer, contour & lots of mascara :)

    That actually seems like a lot now haha xx

  6. i HAVE to wear foundation, i feel so naked without it!
    my barely there makeup consists of lots of things….
    foundation, powder, blusher/bronzer and mascara ^.^
    Rosie xo

  7. ooo icant go naked! wish i had the confidence to!
    even if i wear nothing else, i have to have undereye concealer, ive got really deep set, dark eyes and i actually look like a zombie/crack addict (crack addict zombie?!) without it! then gimme a slick of mascara and a translucent powder :D i rarely go minimal, i htink i have a complex about my skin ha! you look stunning though you lucky bear!

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