Sparkliest Nails Ever?

I was having one of those moments before going away a couple of weeks ago when I just have no idea what polish to wear. In those situations, I tend to do one of three things – go for a colour I’ve bought but not yet worn, go for a tried and tested colour that I love, or do some layering. I ended up doing two of these!

You may remember me mentioning in my post about the Orly manicure course that I picked up Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl from last year’s Cosmic FX collection. Since I knew Space Cadet was a dupe for MAC Mean and Green/Accessorize Aztec, I thought I’d try out Galaxy Girl. I didn’t take any photos of that on it’s own ’cause I painted my nails in the evening and had no natural light, but I just wasn’t impressed enough with it. It wasn’t as sparkly as I’d hoped it would be.

Inglot to the rescue! I applied two coats of Inglot XL1 (an incredibly sparkly top coat) over Galaxy Girl, and the result was something that I couldn’t stop staring at all weekend. Especially when the sun came out!

Outside, indirect sunlight

Inside, sunlight through window

What’s the sparkliest nail polish you’ve ever worn?

P.S: Did you see my Abstract easy peasy nail tutorial the other day? A lovely reader and fellow blogger Alex recreated it here and she smashed it! I think she did a better job than me :) be sure to take a look!

15 thoughts on “Sparkliest Nails Ever?

  1. Wow they are so pretty!

    I’m so glad you liked my attempt at the abstract nails, I really enjoyed doing it! Buying myself some proper nail art tools today!


  2. Wow that’s gorgeous! The sparkliest I’ve worn is probably either Max Factor’s Angel Nails, or GOSH’s Green Hawaii, or Accessorize’s Mermaid :D This is lovely though, I’ve never tried any Orly or Inglot xxx

  3. I was going to email you or something to ask you how you would interpret the line “fingernails that shine like justice”, but then I saw this and realized it was unnecessary.

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