Giveaway Winner!

Morning ladies!

Just a quick announcement for the winner of my Valentine’s giveaway which closed at midnight GMT last night (this morning? Whatever).

After wading through all the entries and deleting all the invalid ones – seriously, can some people really not follow basic instructions?! – there were 113 remaining. Over to…

And the author of comment number 77 was…


Congratulations Kitty, I’m absolutely thrilled that you won as I’ve thought of you as a ‘loyal’ follower for months now and you always leave such lovely comments on my post. I’ll post you your prize ASAP and I really hope you enjoy everything, particularly the UK only products!

For those who are interested, here is Kitty’s entry:

“The person I admire the most right now is a friend named Paul. He’s so smart and humble at the same time. He’s my muse. Having a cute wife and 2 lovely kiddos helps too! I hope to have a family as loving as his someday. I can only dream of being as smart as he is but it makes me try. :)”

Be sure to check out Kitty’s blog for some amazing polish swatches.

Thanks to everybody who entered, I hope to hold another giveaway soon but don’t forget I’m trying to save for my trip to the US so don’t be too hard on me if I don’t shower you with lavish prizes! ;P

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Hope to see some of you at the ExCel centre on Monday!

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