Z is for Zealous

I recently figured out why I hardly ever wear eyeshadow any more. Besides it being too time-consuming in the mornings if I’m in a rush, it’s also simply too much hassle to collect up all the eyeshadows I want to use as they’re all over the place. If I have everything I like to use in one place, it’s much more likely to be loved!

Cue the Z palette. I’m sure you’ve seen a dozen posts on these before. When someone on Twitter was selling theirs for fifteen dollars (I offered seventeen for postage to the UK), I had to get it! Best decision ever. I immediately stuck my Inglot and favourite MAC eyeshadows in there, but it was still looking decidedly empty.

On Twitter again, last week, I was musing that I would use my Sleek eyeshadows a lot more if I could depot them and put my favourites all in one place, but alas! I had thoroughly inspected the Sleek palettes before for a way to depot them safely without risk of shattering pans or anything, but the palettes themselves are practically indestructible. Still, after thinking about it again, I was renewed with new zeal and set about on a depotting endeavour.

It was actually easy as pie. I used a scalpel (anything with a really thin blade will do) and wiggled it down the side of the pan, then gently pushed and prised each little bugger from it’s prison. The metal the pans are made of isn’t the strongest stuff, so a couple got a tiny bit bent in the process but that doesn’t bother me. I managed to shatter two of them by being a little too enthusiastic, but they were easily fixed by re-pressing them with surgical spirit. I now have some from the Graphite, Bad Girl, Circus, Jewels, Sunset and Storm palettes in there. Excellent!

I should point out that the Sleek pans are glued into their palettes and won’t stick to a magnetic palette like Z or Unii or MAC by themselves. I just ordered a magnet sheet for £1.50 on eBay to keep mine in place.

I celebrated the following day by going for a nice bold eye and a nude lip – the opposite of my every day makeup!

Are you into depotting? Are you like me, needing everything in one place, or do you prefer your eyeshadows in single pots?

21 thoughts on “Z is for Zealous

  1. I love the eye look you did! Very pretty. I depotted all of my MAC eyeshadows a while back and put them all in my palette, but I sometimes wish I had left a few of them in their original pots because I find the 15-pan palette too bulky and cumbersome for travelling, especially when I only want 2-3 of the shades. I may just pick up the smaller Z-palette or a MAC quad instead :)

  2. I’ve never depotted anything before – I’m too scared of hurting myself or breaking the eyeshadows in the process but I’d definitely use my shadows a lot more if they were all in one place. x

  3. Gorgeous makeup Leanne. Did you know you can buy Z-palettes on lovemakeup.co.uk

    I think I’m going to order one of the large and a small one after payday in January and depot my BoS – I have a few of those and I’m not sure I’d be able to masacre “Alice”, but we’ll see.

    Thanks for the advice x

  4. i prefer the idea of having most of my eyeshadows in the same place to encourage me to use them more often too!

    question, have you ever used the surgical spirit for sanitising make up? because in the US they call it rubbing alcohol so i was a little confused xx

  5. Lovely look there!

    My BF got me a ginormous set from ULTA and it comes with a small makeup holder with magnets in it. I just slide what blush and eyeshadows and lipcolors I want and bam! Makes changing out the colors easy too.

  6. @Tiffany: Thanks :) yeah I agree, I still u se a MAC 4 pan palette with the insert taken out for travelling as the large Z palette doesn’t fit in my makeup bag and I never need to take that many eyeshadows with me if I go away anyway!

    @Lily: Go for it with something you wouldn’t be too heartbroken to lose, it’s so easy honestly :) I was scared before the first time I did it but it was so simple! There’s tons of tutorials on depotting, you won’t find any for Sleek though!

    @Rachel: Thank you :)

    @Charlie: Daww you old fox, you! Thanks :)

    @Elly: Thank you :) yeah I’m just so lazy with eyeshadow!

    @Leanne: No, I didn’t know that! Thanks for the heads up :) I’ve never bought any of the BoS, I have the Get Baked and Ammo palettes and feel that’s enough for me, I think the BoS shades get repetitive and I especially hate when they rename the colours so people don’t realise they already have them. Still want Naked though!

    @Diamonds and Pearls: Thanks! Haha yeah you should definitely give it a go, that’s exactly the reason I did it!

    @Lily: Thank you :) yeah, I never would have bought one at full price but I’m nowhere near as clever or resourceful as you are! Haha

    @Emma: Yeah, surgical spirit is exactly the same stuff as what they call rubbing alcohol in the states :)

    @MakeYuUp: It’s a good investment!

    @Kitty: Oh that sounds cool, what’s it called?

    @Shifa: Thank you :) would love to see, I think that shape of makeup would look gorgeous on your eyes!

    @Gaby: Thank you!

    @Pearls and Politics: Thanks very much :)

    @Kayvona: Haha I go through a reorganising process a few times a year to keep on top of everything!

    @Natasha: Don’t spam my blog. Thanks.

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