Two super easy, super awesome manicures

I thought I’d include these two wonderfully simple nail designs in one post since one is too easy to even merit a tutorial and the other one wasn’t my idea!

I recreated this rainbow badboy after seeing this post on Day in the Life of Dollface. She has a YouTube tutorial if you want to see how it was done in more detail :) what an AWESOME idea though, right?

It’s so easy, just paint your nails in rainbow stripes then once they’re dry, slap some black crackle polish over the top.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not particularly neat (as you can see, haha) because any imperfections will be disguised by the cracking polish. I promise that if you try this you won’t be able to stop looking at your nails!

This simple gradient design is even easier. I just did a couple of coats of China Glaze Peachy Keen and once it was dry, sponged China Glaze Sugar High from the tip down towards the cuticle. I applied a little more Sugar High on the very tips as another layer with the sponge to make the gradient more pronounced, and topped it with China Glaze Wireless holographic top coat (I love this with gradients). You could do this in any colours that took your fancy :)

So there you have it, two really simple but really effective nail designs to have a go at when you’re feeling too lazy or haven’t got the time to do anything else! :)

34 thoughts on “Two super easy, super awesome manicures

  1. That rainbow colored polish with crackle is such an AWESOME ideaaa!!! I would have never thought of this lol.

    I’m in love with the colors in the second design though.. Reminds me of MAC’s limited edition blush called Ripe Peach. <3

  2. they are both soooo gorgeous, I love them!! I was wondering if my GOSH holographic nailpolish would go under the crackle effect polish, might try that out, but the rainbow idea is totally awesome!
    and by sponged, how do you do it?? im amazed at how great it looks =D


  3. I love the gradient colours, they look perfect together! :)
    and the rainbow crackle looks fab, crackle hides all of my sloppy painting sins :P xxx

  4. OH MY GOD leanne that rainbow one!!! kill me now. i need that crackle polish. thats so so good. reminds me of this weird rainbow paper i had as a kid when you wrote on it it printed rainbow stuff. so good. v.jealous of all your imats stuff, looks like it ws amazing :D xxxx

  5. I know I’m realllly late to this but I’m definitely going to try the rainbow one. I love all the fab nails designs that you do but this might actually be one that I can manage!

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