The Wait is Over

Sorry if that’s a deceptively exciting title – I meant the wait is over for me! I have been hunting high and low for the Accessorize makeup range near me ever since it was supposed to have come out but to no avail. Couldn’t find it in any of the Superdrugs near me, and the Accessorize stores just had a few manky boring brown creme nail polishes by the tills. And I didn’t want to order online ’cause I wanted to have a good look at the products in the flesh first!

I knew I desperately wanted Aztec, Pink Spice and Bronze nail polishes. I knew that Aztec and Pink Spice would be perfect dupes of the fails that were MAC Mean and Green and Bad Fairy – you can see my Mean and Green rant here. At only half the price of MAC polishes, I wouldn’t have minded so much if they didn’t turn out how I expected.

So anyway, I finally got my hands on a few bits. Turns out it’s being stocked in the smaller, crappier Superdrug in Chelmsford which I hadn’t even thought of checking, to be honest! I’d just been constantly checking the larger one. Fail. They didn’t have Pink Spice, which was disappointing, but I got Bronze and Aztec polishes and also the blush in Pretty Pink (which is more like a highlighter – that’s what I’ve been using it for anyway).

Bronze is displayed in its delicious duochrome glory above. It was pretty much opaque in two coats but I applied a third just because this polish was so lovely to apply! Each layer was touch dry within a few minutes, but I can’t comment on the full drying time as I am never without a quick-dry topcoat.

I decided to jazz it up a wee bit with some Konad. I used China Glaze Passion and a design from plate M77. Have you ever noticed how the vast majority of Konad designs I do are stamped with ChG Passion? Haha.

To summarise, I’m absolutely thrilled to finally have access to the Accessorize line. I want to try some of everything! But I’ll be holding off buying any more for the rest of the month (hopefully… no promises) ’cause I’m trying desperately to save my meagre pennies for IMATS.

Oh, and I’m pleased to report that Aztec is a perfect dupe for (well, it’s better than) MAC Mean and Green. Wahey!

27 thoughts on “The Wait is Over

  1. @Bicky: No, you NEED. ;D

    @Sarah: Thank you! :)

    @Katy: Daww, thank you :) are you a new follower? I’ve got nail designs that took a LOT more patience than this! Haha

    @Lily: Oooh! Will definitely look out for it, thanks :)

    @Jo: I meant Aztec is a dupe for Mean and Green, not this one :) but this one is gorgeous all the same! I don’t think it is particularly difficult to find, it’s just I was looking in the wrong Superdrug the whole time!

    @Missy, Leanne, Cotton: Thank you!


  2. Hehe, shows what i know – but i thought looking at the picture it does look like a less sparkly version of Mean & Green to me (actually prob a bit too goldy now i come to look at it again)…but then i don’t actually have it so it could be my non-photographic memory playing tricks on me! Hehe xoxo

  3. that’s a really nice shade, i have their “rose gold” and its a really lovely metallic polish, cant wait to get my mitts on some more! x

  4. @Jo: Haha that’s okay! At some point in the next couple of weeks I’ll probably post a pic of Aztec next to an old one of Mean and Green (I can’t do side by side swatches ’cause I sold it!). :)

    @Emma: Sounds nice, will keep an eye out for it! I just want so many of them. I can’t think of any other cheap British brands that do gorgeous duochromes!

    @Pearls and Politics: Thanks! :)

    @Jen: Yeah I was tempted to order some polishes online but I knew I wanted to try some of the makeup as well so was determined to wait until I saw it all in person! But agreed, they are seriously good for £4, I can’t wait to get some more.

    @LiAnne: Hah, I thought so too! ;P


  5. I bought a couple of the nail varnishes before Christmas and got the Accessorize Nail Wardrobe for Christmas, I was really impressed by the quality and price. I love what you’ve done with your purchases xx

  6. Ooo I haven’t tried their nail polishes, I’ve tried over bits like eyeshadow etc, but I was a tad skeptical because I’m so fussy with nail polishes. This colour looks great though :)

    L x

  7. @Stellie: I can’t get over how beautiful Bronze is! Emma mentioned Rose Gold too, will definitely have to look out for that, and I’ll look for Storm too! I might get one of the eyeshadows just to see what they’re like but I don’t use eyeshadow often any more!

    @CameronPoe: Put the bunny back in the box… I saw the nail wardrobe on someone’s blog but the colours in it didn’t entice me enough! But I am really impressed with the couple I got :)

    @Kitty: God, yeah, NEVER buying a MAC polish ever again. I barely have any MAC anyway, totally overrated brand.

    @Half Dressed: I’m pretty fussy with polishes too but some cheaper brands really do come up trumps! I totally recommend these :)

    @LadyBugSays: Thank you! It’s lovely isn’t it :)


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