Product Rave – Accessorize Illusion Nail Polishes

L-R: Bronze, Aztec, Pink Spice, Purple Dream, Mermaid

These are brilliant. Simply bloody brilliant. I just can’t begin to describe to you how much I love these polishes! Definite new drugstore favourite.

They cost £4 each and just have the most gorgeous duochrome finishes. As you should probably know by now, Aztec is a perfect dupe for Mean and Green, and Pink Spice is a good dupe for Bad Fairy – both released by MAC as part of the Venomous Villians collection last year.

Take a look at some slightly bigger swatches. I promise you these aren’t edited at all, just taken outside on a moderately overcast day. They are honestly this delicious! They all take 3 coats to look perfect but each coat dries quickly and it’s so worth it.

Bronze, Aztec, Pink Spice

Purple Dream, Mermaid

Did you miss out on the MAC nail polishes? Did you get the MAC ones and absolutely hate them because the quality was so appalling? Do you just think Aztec and Pink Spice are gorgeous and want them anyway, regardless of any MAC similarities?

Oh good, then you’re in luck :) I bought an extra of Aztec and Pink Spice for you guys to win. There’ll be two winners, one polish each. To qualify, please tell me below the reason you first started following Do Not Refreeze. I’d love to know :) open worldwide, by the way. I’ll pick two winners on the 1st of Feb. Good luck!

But anyway… go out and buy some of these polishes. You won’t regret it.

44 thoughts on “Product Rave – Accessorize Illusion Nail Polishes

  1. Those are amazing!! Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in the US!! lol!!

    I started following your blog because I saw it posted on a blogger award as a blog they loved! I’m so glad I check it out…i’ve loved all of the posts i’ve read and I can’t wait for more! <3


  2. purple dream looks gorgeous too!

    The reason why I first started following your blog..oh my gosh..that was a while ago. I’m sure it was because of your make up looks.
    I’m still very new at make up and I loved your looks and your tutorials and you made them so easy to follow. your pictures were alsoso very clear. I also followed you because of your unique nail designs/ art and I loved seeing the nail swatches =)


  3. Ah I’ve been lusting after these for so long!

    I first started following after finding you through another blogger, I forget who now sorry, but I saw your nail art and was hooked, I completely ignored my husband all that evening reading through your blog! x

  4. I’ll admit it, I think I started following your blog when you launched a giveaway (at least I’m honest! :) ), and then I stayed because I like the tone of your articles, and you have delicious ideas.

    I won’t enter your veru very nice giveaway because I already have these two little Accessorize wonders, and it wouldn’t be fair to others (even if a backup bottle of something as wonderful as this is always appreciated ;) ), but I wanted to say hello :)
    Have a great day!

  5. I really want to try these!,

    I think i found your blog through someone else’s , although i’m not sure who now and i fell in love with your amazing nail art and just liked your posts in general. :)

  6. Ah mah gaaah. You just made me want to buy all of them! I love ‘Purple Dream’, it’s so unique and gorgeous. Must find my bottle!

    I think I found you linked to on somebody else blog and was in ‘OH WOW A UK BLOG!’ mode haha. Eitherway, Do Not Refreeze is one of my fave blogs now!

  7. I LOVE Pink Spice.

    I followed your blog because I think your nail tutorials are absolutely amazing. I used to work in a food restaurant and I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish so when I left, I thought to myself “you know what, I’m going to go crazy”. I searched for nail polish tutorials on YouTube and never really found what I was looking for – but then one of my friends recommended you! It’s safe to say I fell in love with you and this blog after seeing your tutorials and reviews. You’ve even inspired me to do some of my own!

  8. Hi I’m pleased you like the Accessorize range, I’ve bought a couple of their polishes and have been pleased with the quality. I think I started following you as you were won of the first people to follow my blog and left a lovely comment. Since then I’ve enjoyed your posts and especially those when you recommended other blogs to read too. xx

  9. Oooh I love the first three! Unfortunately I’ll have to go to England to get some, they don;t sell them here :(.

    The reason I started following you was that I stumbled upon your blog and found the quality of your posts high enough to add you to the list ;)!

    My e-mail is

  10. I have the Storm polish from the Je T’aime line. OMG it’s so bad! First coat went on patchy and then the second coat just didn’t happen. Was so disappointed :( Clearly the Illusion line is the way to go!

    Kelly x

  11. I don’t quite remember, it was a loooong time back :D but it was because of your super cool nail design posts for sure!

    I have some nail paints from the Accessorize range too and they are to die for! Need to try these out now :)


  12. Oooh enter me please, such lovely colours.

    I started to follow your blog after discovering it whilst looking for a polish swatch on google images. I forget now what it was sorry.

  13. Wow, these are amazing! Shame I can’t buy them here in Belgium. I wonder if they’re sold in Holland, might have to make a trip to Amsterdam soonish. xD

    I only just started following you. I discovered your blog as I was looking for info on IMATS. n_n Loved your writing style, so decided to add you to my bloglovin’ list. n_n

  14. I have purple dream and love it!

    I started following your blog because I love seeing your nail art designs, even though I have no hope of ever recreating them myself! I also really like the tone and style of your blog posts. xx

  15. Purple Dream and Mermaid are GORGEOUS! May be hunting those down next week…

    I started following your blog because of your nail art too, and also because I really like the way you write! xx

  16. Ooh, I think I must’ve found you linked on another blog – it was a while ago now! I stuck around because I love your nail art, it’s inspired me to do more fun things with my nails :3

  17. I’m loving the look of Aztex & bronze the most to compliment my skin tone ;)

    I found your blog randomly & never looked back ;) i was memorized by your amazing talent for nail art & your indepth honest reviews on products x

  18. Thanks for this lovely giveaway! Some of the colors are basically dupes of Orly Cosmic FX polishes!

    I was on a beauty blog kick at the time and I was just finding all these blogs similar to yours and I think I found you through a giveaway and I’m still following you up until now. :D

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  19. Ooh i’d love those polishes in my collection – ive only got the purple one at the mo so count me in!

    I started following your blog because of your nail art – its amazing! I think I found you through Kim at Dottie K! You also made me want to try Konad but im worried i’ll be rubbish at it!


  20. I want those polishes! So pretty… But it´s “so nice” to live in Finland, here is Accessorize BUT they don´t sell nail polish…

    Well, I`m travelling to London this spring, I wish I can find those there. :)

    I really can´t remember why I started following your blog. I think it was like “Ooooh, very nice manicures” Follow >> *click* :D

  21. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but clicked follow because your posts are interesting and fun to read without being long-winded and full of air, and your writing style and photos are exactly what I’m looking for in a regular read!

  22. Oo wow I think I need to get Pink Spice, Purple Dream & Mermaid!

    I think you were one of the first blogs I started following and the reason is because you seemed t love nail polish as much as me! xxx

  23. These are gorgeous colours!

    I think I started following your blog because I loved all the photos you include and the chatty nature of your posts. They’re so easy to read and I’m always looking forward to your next instalment :)

  24. I was getting into nail polish at the time and love your swatches, that’s how I started following :)

    Thanks for the giveaway. I don’t have the MAC ones at all lol

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