Nails Inc/Diet Coke 2011

Like last year, Nails Inc have joined forces with Diet Coke to bring you a set of four lovely nail polishes. The inspiration from this year’s quartet comes straight from the catwalk, with Caramel, Denim, Plum and Heather Gray (GREY, not Gray!).

I have no idea how Nails Inc make any money, they are always doing some sort of promotion like magazine freebies etc. But I’m not complaining! ;P

Caramel, Denim, Plum, Heather Gray

These are all two coats – all very nice and easy to apply, and all pretty fast to dry. My favourite is probably Denim, I don’t have any other blues like that. My least favourite is Caramel, it’s definitely not my kind of nude, it’s much too beige/yellow for my skintone. I also love Heather Gray, which I thought was very akin to Illamasqua’s Velocity. I had an inkling that Plum was a close match for Paris from last year’s collection, which I really liked; turns out that they’re relatively similar. See below for a comparison of these :)

Plum, Paris (2010), Heather Gray, Illamasqua Velocity

You can see that Paris was quite a bit more pink than Plum is, but that’s about the only major difference. As for Heather Gray and Velocity, again Heather Gray is a little more pink toned but they are pretty close. If you’d seen Velocity before and liked the look of it, but understandably don’t want to shell out £13.50 for an Illamasqua nail polish, definitely get your hands on Heather Gray. And then you can chug the coke afterwards!

Overall, this is another inspired and generous collection, and I can only hope that the Nails Inc / Diet Coke will become an annual occurance. If you missed out on the promotion last year and aren’t familiar with how to get your free Nails Inc polish; pop in to Boots, grab two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke and your chosen colour, et voila! Even if you’re not a Coke fan (I’m not myself), you can’t deny a bargain like that. And if you do like it, why not treat yourself to 8 bottles of the stuff to complete the full collection of polishes? ;)

One tiiiny little criticism – I prefered the bottles of last year’s polishes. The Diet Coke sticker on the lid looks cheap. :(

Did you see my Bluebeards Revenge review? The Bluebeards themsevles featured my review on their website ! Not only that, but they offered an exclusive discount code for readers of Do Not Refreeze as there were a few of you who expressed interest in trying it out. You can score 10% off Bluebeards Revenge with discount code FREEBBR10. This code is valid until 15/02/11 – perhaps you could get your man a tub for Valentine’s Day! For details on where to buy please see the review post.

9 thoughts on “Nails Inc/Diet Coke 2011

  1. i always thought heather gray was the t-shirt grey we’re all used to.. i like that one the best though, but im a purple fanatic so no wonder :p

    how fun to team with diet coke though.. im partially addicted to diet coke soooo its enticing in itself!

  2. I have all four of these, too. At first I really liked Caramel but I think it probably isn’t the right tone of nude for me and will probably look a bit odd on my hands. Heather Grey is gorgeous. x

  3. i couldnt help myself and got all the colours. except i dont really buy or drink diet coke so its sat in my fridge!lol.havent tried any yet on mum had the plum colour on last week and it looked quite nice,not really my colour!

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