IMATS London 2011: The Countdown Continues!

There’s been some awesome new information released regarding IMATS since my last post a month ago, and since there’s just 23 more days to go I thought now would be as good a time as any to check out what’s been added to the list for the weekend! Here’s a few more exhibitors that have been added to the list which I’m particularly looking forward to visiting…

:: Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) – I picked up a leaflet/brochure from this leading makeup school’s stand last year in lieu of the book which I couldn’t afford and it has some truly AMAZING looks in it. I’m hoping to be able to spare the pennies to buy a book from them this year.
:: Guru Makeup Emporium – Another stockist of Make Up Forever; PAM and GME have their work cut out for them to offer the biggest discount on the day!
:: Illamasqua – Finally! I’d been starting to panic at the lack of Illamasqua on the exhibitor list, I can breathe a sigh of relief now. Fingers crossed for a slightly bigger stand this year – last time was just too claustrophobic!
:: Make Up Studio – I know they have a store at Westfield but I’ve never tried their products before – am absolutely intrigued, though, and can’t wait to have a good look at the products.
:: NYX – Still not impressed at the marked up prices on NYX in Europe, but hopefully there’ll be a sizeable discount which makes the products more equal to the prices in America.

The organisers seem to have taken a leaf out of IMATS LA’s book and are giving us a Guru Summit at 9.30am on Saturday morning! I know the likes of xsparkage & co spoke at that show, and we’re being treated to some real lovelies on this side of the pond including Koren Zander (EnKore), Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo), Alessa (Pursebuzz) and Wayne Goss. Nice!

Speaking of Goss, the British Blogosphere’s sweetheart will be featuring in BeautySoClean’s talk entitled ‘Don’t Let Germs Grow on Your Make-up This Flu Season’ along with Nancy Crossley – not such a cheerful thought but people like me who don’t wash their brushes after every use could probably do with listening to that one.

If you are a watcher of the Pixiwoo YouTube channel (I will be shocked if you aren’t, to be honest) you will have heard them talking about Louise Young – they use a lot of her makeup brushes. Louise will be speaking on behalf of Make Up Studio (class title and description TBC) on Saturday afternoon, but she’ll be competing with the ever charming David Klasfeld of OCC as he will be speaking at the same time!

AOFM have a really exciting class lined up, a mammoth 2 hour session (maxiumum seating 500) held by Sandra Cooke, Lan Nguyen and Caroline Roper. It’s titled ‘Makeup Is Art’ – what more do you want? It will include tips on breaking into the fashion industry, body painting and the use of different textures and materials in artistic makeup. Sounds like a good one – if I can sacrifice 2 hours of shopping time, I’m so there.

In case you can’t tell, I’m getting REALLY excited. If you’re going to be there on the Saturday and would like to meet up, let me know in the comments or on Twitter or something :) would love to meet as many of you as possible this year!

If you for some crazy reason still haven’t got your ticket yet, you can buy them here. Get to it!

13 thoughts on “IMATS London 2011: The Countdown Continues!

  1. I’m getting so excited now! I’d love to meet up as I’m going by myself, it’s only my second time in London so I’m a bit nervous!
    My twitter is emeraldgreen88, I’ve never been to IMATS before so I wouldn’t even know where to suggest meeting up!

  2. Hello I am one of your follower:)
    I will also be the imats, I come from Italy, just do not speak good English, this scares me, I hope to spend a beautiful day and make a lot of business: P

  3. I wish i could go but i have a wedding then so i cannot go :(

    Dont even wanna go the wedding but my mum is making me haha !!

    Have alot of fun!! Cannot wait to see what you bring back!!

  4. I am beyond excited about this. Looking forward to seeing the Pixiwoo ladies! I just read that Alex Box will be showcasing a Make up Performance on the Sunday. I think we should pop by :p xx

  5. @Laura: Oh that’s great! Drop me a DM on twitter and I’ll give you my number :) must meet up! You can meet me and a couple of others at Wood Green underground station if you’re willing to get there at 7.45am haha, if not then whenever :)

    @Lily: Um, Lily, yes I do know that you’re jealous and you love me ;P absolutely gutted you’re not going though. Next year!

    @Isamaur: Wow, all the way from Italy? Cool! Don’t be shy to say hello if you see me :)

    @Sophie: Oh brilliant! Will definitely come hassle you if I see you, it’s been far far too long!

    @Steph: Goddd that is a complete fail! You will be missed!

    @Stacey: I might do depending on how much damage I do to my bank account at IMATS! Will let you know if I do decide to :)

    @Kim: *Spazz out*

    @Kate: Yeah, fingers crossed for next year! I will of course do a massive post :) or maybe a few more manageable ones.


  6. nnngggh! CURSE me for living all the way in sugar filled Scotland! *sulks and sips Irn Bru* LOL looks fab, can’t wait to see LOOOTS of pics and details :D xxxxxx

  7. :) Thanks a lot! Do you know someone who speaks Italian, which will be the Imats?
    I speak so little English and this is so sad, but I know that there are many foreigners, the most important thing for me are the discounts *.*
    A warm hug!

  8. ooooooh Carolyn Roper the bodypainter is a pal of mine, she is amaaaazingly talented!
    Definitely check out the beauty so clean, it’s a lifechanging product for all you pro make up artists out there! Super quick and easy to use, my kit has never looked so sparkly (and I LOVE sparkle!)
    PS Im from Chelmsford too Leanne!

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