The Burning Question: Christmas Wishlists!

Christmas. It’s THREE damn weeks away. Where the bloody hell has the year gone?! Luckily I’ve always been very organised with regards to the festive season so all my gifts for people were bought and wrapped by the end of November ;D it makes me smirk watching people charging through towns panic-buying in the week running up to Christmas knowing I’ve been finished with my shopping for weeks! But enough about gifts for other people, what I want to know is…

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

(Quick note – if you answer this question on this post you could win a Sugababes Tease perfume :) only a handful of entries so far and it ends on Monday so you might as well!)

I’m incredibly hard to buy for – I don’t like to ask for makeup/polish etc, those are things I prefer to buy myself. I never let anybody buy me clothes; being overweight I have a compulsive need to try clothes on before buying. But, I also hate surprises – I’d rather know what I’m getting, I hate surprises because I’m always afraid of being disappointed by them! That sounds so ungrateful, I know, but hopefully you get what I mean.

Every year my dad asks my sister and I for a list of things that we want. He always tries to spend equal amounts on us, and Rachel always picks something ‘big’ like a new phone, new TV, games console etc but I never want ‘big’ things so struggle to write a list of smaller things to make it up! This year I just listed a whole bunch of DVDs and some books.

Instead, for this post, here’s a few cosmetic things I’d LOVE to own!

China Glaze Party Hearty – have you SEEN posts about this? Pretty much the post amazing festive layering polish EVER!

Clinique Strawberry Fudge collection – yup, all of it. I’ve been so tempted to buy the palette but I know I’d only use it a couple of times so it seems silly. :(

More Inglot! I’ve been wanting to go back there for months and months and months but Colin never wants to go to Westfield and there’s no other times that I’m in London. Maybe on IMATS day :)

BeneFit Garden of Good and Eva – I got Laugh With Me Leelee when the first trio of Crescent Row fragrances were released and it remains my favourite scent, but I’ve run out of it and would like to buy a different one rather than the same. A pushy BeneBabe spritzed me with this one a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous.

So, what about you? What are you hoping for?

7 thoughts on “The Burning Question: Christmas Wishlists!

  1. Christmas lists are so difficult to write off the top of your head! The Benefit perfumes are lovely, my sister had Laugh With Me Lee Lee and sometimes I’d had a cheeky spritz or two before I went out :P I’d quite like the Soap and Glory perfume since I LOVE their Glam-a-lot body spray (favourite smell EVER). Otherwise I’m after an onyx ring, but I’m fussy with jewellery. I’ve just asked for clothing store vouchers!

  2. I have an exceedingly long Christmas list, because I am actually 5 years old at heart, and must have every sparkly packaged thing that ever existed. And slightly less than enough makeup to sink a ship (‘cuz if said ship sinks, I don’t get ~anything~ xD)

  3. I’m exactly the same when it comes to Xmas – I never really know what to ask for as I usually prefer to buy nail polish and make up myself. Although I have asked for the Urban Decay Naked Palette and some China Glaze holiday polishes this year.

    I didn’t buy anything when I was in Inglot, and I’m kicking myself now. Always the way!

    The Benefit fragrances are lovely but I always ask for perfume and I’ve got too many at the moment. Although Katy Perry’s Purr has found it’s way on to my list haha.

    My wish list is looking a bit sparse really, there’s a couple of comedy DVDs on it, a cupcake book and an elf brush set on it. I’m just hoping Santa saw my wishlist on my blog the other day haha ;) xxx

  4. Desperately trying to find some of the Deborah Lippmann polishes that are due to appear over here but cant find them anywhere so those would be mine, along with lots of lush goodies!

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