Joy to the Blogosphere Giveaway!

Here’s my little Christmas present to you lovely lot! I have three prizes from The Body Shop to give away :) take a looksie!

:: Love Etc…™ Body Wash 60 ml
:: Love Etc…™ Body Lotion 60 ml
:: Love Etc…™ Eau de Toilette 1.2 ml
:: Pink Bath Lily

:: Coconut Shower Cream 60 ml
:: Coconut Body Butter 50 ml
:: Coconut Body Scrub 50 ml
:: Ultra Fine White Bath Lily

:: Moringa Shower Gel 60 ml
:: Moringa Body Butter 50 ml
:: Moringa Body Scrub 50 ml
:: Ultra Fine White Bath Lily

(Is it just me who loves how they call them ‘bath lilies’? I’m a commoner, it’s just a shower scrunchie in my dictionary!)

Let’s get the hard part over with, shall we?

Rules/Entry Requirements

:: Must be a follower of Do Not Refreeze (I will check).

:: Must NOT be a MoneySavingExpert vulture or similar!

:: Open worldwide.

:: Closes on Friday 7th Jan at midnight GMT.

:: The first thing I want to know in your comment, is your number one favourite product from The Body Shop.

:: The second thing I want to know, is what your beauty related New Year’s Resolution is! Examples: Stick to a strict skincare routine, try a specific new brand/product, do a Project 10 Pan or similar.

:: Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

:: Winners will be chosen by

:: Whichever of the 3 winners is the first to reply to my email gets first choice of prize and so on.

I don’t think I’ve missed anything out, but here’s an example comment for you. Because despite making the rules as clear as possible, there’s ALWAYS someone who just says ‘enter me!’. Nuh-uh. You do that, and your entry will be deleted.

Good luck, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas! x

79 thoughts on “Joy to the Blogosphere Giveaway!

  1. I looove their mango body butter.

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to treat my nails kindly!

    bookworm396 at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway, and Merry Christmas!

  2. ooooo what a generous giveaway- thankyou!

    My favourite body shop product is the body butter- I LOVE THE SMELL! I have strawberry and coconut, but i’m hoping to expand soon!

    My new year beauty resolution is to buy more single products- I have only big pallettes with EVERYTING in them which is not easy to carry around.

    Thankyou again! xxxx

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!! Love body shop!!

    my fave product is one i am using now… its the wild cherry body butter. I love cherry scent its amazing!!!

    My beauty resolution has to be stop nibbling my nails…i am starting a beauty course next year and they need to be perfect lol.Also i may do a resolution to buy no more squeezy/tube lipglosses till i have used a good few of the ones i have up.

  4. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, i adore The Body Shop!
    My favourite product has to be the body butters, i always try the new scents and they are so moisturizing, i also ALWAYS buy their loofas. I use alot of their stuff :P
    My resolutions are not very original but i will have to try to stick to them, exercise more and stress less !
    xoxo and merry christmas

  5. What an amazing giveaway, thanks!

    My favourite product from Body Shop is the Hemp Hand Protector. It treats my hands so nicely.

    Next year I’ll try to treat my nails even better.

    miraniem at gmail dot com

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh yay thank you for this!

    My favourite thing from The Body Shop is the facial cleansing bar, oh my it’s amazing, the best cleanser I’ve ever used.

    My beauty resolution is to start wearing eyeshadow! At the moment I only wear it as eyeliner. Oh and another, to start wearing more lipstick, I rarely wear anything on my lips so my lipsticks are just sat there!


  7. Thanks for this Leanne! Such cute prizes :)

    I absolutely adore the Body Shop Shea Lip Butter. It heals my lips overnight! I finish it up like its ice cream hehe.

    My beauty resolution is to take more care of my hands and feet as they very often get ignored.

    Have a wonderful Christmas hun ♥


  8. Hey awesome giveaway :)
    My favourite Body Shop product is their HEMP lip Protector, it’s literally the only thing that can deal with my cracked lips in the winter!
    My beauty resolution will be to … actually sort through all my make-up and get rid of stuff I don’t use. Generally clear it out I have too much and it’s such a waste.

    L x

  9. Thanks for an amazing giveaway.

    I haven’t tried anything from the Body Shop yet, but there’s a few things I’m interested in, especially their body butters.

    My resolution is to blog more frequently. Whenever I get too busy, that`s the first thing that suffers.


  10. Hello! My favourite product is the strawberry body butter, I know it’s sickly but I love it waaaay too much.

    My resolution is to take better care of my skin! I’ve been lazy lately.

    evruddock at gmail dot com

  11. Great giveaway!!

    My favourite product from the body shop are all their body butters! I can’t pick which ‘flavour’ since they all smell soo good and seem to work well for my skin.

    In this new year, I want to wash my brushes more often and practice doing my eye makeup.

  12. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I tooootally adore their honey moisturising shampoo… such a scent!

    My bNYR is to try out brighter colours for eye MU, like bright orange and yellow. <3

    doublemint at live dot ru

  13. What a great giveaway!

    My favourite Body Shop product is definitely their peppermint foot cream… I get some more in my stocking each year, even though we no longer have a Body Shop in our city! :)

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to learn how to do my hair in more interesting styles than with a hairband, ponytail, or ballet bun!

  14. Merry Christmas Leannypops <3

    My favourite product from The Body Shop is their Delipscious Lipstick! Smells and tastes so good haha :D

    My New Year’s Beauty Resolution is to exfoliate and moisturise more – I’m just too lazy with my skincare routine at the moment.


  15. Cool giveaway!

    I think my favorite Body Shop product is their body butters – Midnight Bakula being my favorite “regular” scent, with Spiced Vanilla (this year’s vanilla-scented holiday schtuffs) being my favorite “seasonal” scent. The lady at Body Shop cued me in that it changes slightly every year…so I got five tubs. :D

    My new year’s beauty resolution is to expand my skincare routine. Previously it’s just been “moisturize and use sunscreen”, but now that I’m turning 42, I want to see what I can do to shore up my excellent genetics that’s kept me looking like I’m in my early mid-30s these past five years.

    sparklecrackcentral at gmail dot com

  16. I love their Strawberry Body Butter and the Lemon Lip Butter – they both smell amazing!
    My beauty new years resolution is to stop buying shower gels as I have far too many! I’ll probably have broken this after the January sales though!

  17. I’m torn between White Musk Eau de Toilette or anything from the Pink Grapefruit range, I’m addicted to the body scrub at the moment!

    My beauty related New Years resolution will be to stick to my skincare routine. My skin is suffering cause I’m often to lazy to do one step of it! :( That, and to start recycling old bottles from skincare products, etc. I go through so many, it’s shocking that I don’t already!

    merry christmas! x

  18. Great giveaway!
    My favourite has to be the Coconut body butter, im a sucker for coconut smells!
    And my New Years resolution would HAVE to be taking off ALL my makeup at night, i need to start making it a nightly routine, and hopefully my skin will clear up!
    I follow through GFC as LipsTitsTeethHips and my email is!
    Hope you have a great xmas!

  19. awesome giveaway!

    My most favorite The Body Shop product is actually Vanilla Vanille & Oceanus EDT.. too bad they’re discontinued, so I’ll pick Shea Body Lotion as most favorite.

    My beauty resolution in 2011: I’ve got to be an expert in eye make-up! will I make it in one year? hope so :D


  20. Hi,
    my favourite product is the body butter because my skin feels so dry whenever I don’t use it..

    My new years beauty resolution is to learn how to use make up properly (right now I only use like… mascara… because I’d rather have too little than too much… I really need a big sister… :P )

  21. ooh fun. I follow.

    I really like the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist from The Body Shop

    My beauty resolution is to take better care of my face, make sure I wash it every night and the like.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  22. Honestly i have never had anything from The Body Shop but looking at their website I am intrigued by Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion

    for new year’s i will use cuticle oil or balm every day without fail

    peripatetic33 -google follower
    Happy Holidays

  23. My fav would be their Hemp hand protector, doesn’t smell the best but works really well

    For New year, I hope to organize my stash just to remember what I have and use them :)


  24. I love The Body Shop. My favourite product would be the Baked To Last eyeshadows. My new years resolution is to not pick any spots (disgusting habit I know)

    jesswd18 (at)


  25. my favorite body shop product is the yes yes yes lip balm. so love the smell and taste.

    my beauty new year resolution is to project pan my nyx lippies :)


  26. woop woop woop

    I am not sure if you’re read my tweets but there is one thing i am obsessed at the moment with is the body shop.
    Funny enough, i am in 2 minds about placing an order (got not much money at the moment) and wanted to order some coconut stuff. Coconut body butter is definitely one of my favourite items from the body shop but I have to say that my ultimate item from the body shop is a little bottle of (discontinued) body mist/perfume/eau de toilette called AMARETTO. Leanne you haven’t lived until you’ve sniffed this bad ass stuff: it smells divine. I purchase a set of 3 little bottles from it on ebay ages ago, and I feel it’s the most precious stuff i earn cos it’s limited edition and I am so proud. In the interest of this giveaway, i would definitely choose the coconut stuff if i could choose.

    My beauty related New Year’s Resolution is to do a heavy duty face mask at least once a week and to do a moisturising mask everytime i exfoliate. I got some lovely stuff from no.7 which does wonder to my skin but it’s such a pain to wash it off. So to summarise, my beauty resolution would be to 2 masks every week: a random one, and a exfoliating/moisturising one :)


  27. Thank you for the lovely giveaway – its so good of you!

    My favourite product at Body Shop is probably the Tea Tree Face Wash! Which is my fave cos it makes my skin lovely and fresh and spot

    My new year resolution beauty wise is to have more facials as they are lovely and relaxing. The local college do a great offer so will treat myself now and again. Also I intend to make more effort with wearing makeup to work – its a pain but it makes a difference!

    My email address is

  28. Hi, great giveaway!
    I follow throug GFC as contests and such.
    I don’t really have anything from The Body Shop, I think I have Spa Wisdom oil for oil warmers? So I’ll go with that.
    My Resolution is to lose some weight for my wedding in 2012.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  29. Really nice giveaway!

    My favorite from The Body Shop is the Sweet Lemon line, I just love the scrub and body butter… That sweet smell is just awesome.

    My new year resolution is to always use make up and clean correctly everyday:D

    My email:


  30. Hi thanks for your giveaway!!

    i love Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick from The Body Shop :) it works wonders with acnes!

    Resolution: to stick to my skincare product (finish them up) before i can get new ones!

    jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

  31. Wow please enter me! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

    My favourite product from The Body Shop is their shimmer powder- the one that comes in a brush and you tap it to dispense the powder.

    My resolution is to keep up my skin care routine regularly. Some days I get lazy and skip steps….

    Thank you again! My email is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com.

  32. Good evening!

    My favourite The Body Shop product is Coconut Hand Wash. It’s what I use for a long time since I’ve experienced it!

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to start to use body lotion. I have no patience…

  33. Hi Leanne!

    -My favourite The Body Shop product is Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion. My favorite fragrance is jasmine so I do not think I need say no more!

    -My New Year’s beauty resolution is to use Eye Liner. I love seeing it in other people, but I’ve not yet learned to apply to me.


  34. Great giveaway!

    My favourite TBS product would be the raspberry body butter as it’s not too heavy for my skin or perhaps the Aloe Vera lip treatment as it’s great when my lips are really chapped.

    My resolution is to invest in some better makeup brushes and practice my blending- much needed I’m sure you’ll agree!

    Happy New Year gorgeous xxx

  35. I love this giveaway :)

    My favourite Bodyshop product has to be the Love etc body butter

    My beauty related new years plan is to take better care of my skin, drink more water and have a make up budget :(

    My email is

    Oh by the way if im one of the winners i know you said its first come first served but im allergic to coconut so it wouldnt be great for me… Thanks xxx

  36. Hello!

    I like the Body Shop Shea Lip Butter!

    My beauty resolution: use Lemony Flutter every day :)

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.


  37. Hi! I follow via GFC as mrgee, and my email is kit_kat_74(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Fave product is Banana Conditioner, and resolution is to remember to wash off my makeup EVERY night before bed!

  38. Favourite TBS product: mango body butter.

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to treat my hair kindly!
    Follower: Pérolas & Pingas

  39. Favourite TBS product: mango body butter.

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to treat my hair kindly!
    Follower: Pérolas & Pingas

  40. Favourite TBS product: mango body butter.

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to treat my hair kindly!
    Follower: Pérolas & Pingas

  41. What a nice giveaway, thank you so much for this generous offer!

    My favourite Body Shop product would certainly be the Vitamin C microdemrabrasion scrub, because I don’t know their products yet, end this one appeals to me.

    My resolution for 2011 is to drink tea at least onece a day… It helps soothing my mind too, and I should stick to it a little :)

    I’m following you via GFC – Lolaa
    My email address is : ladyofthelaake (at)

    Have a wonderful day!

  42. Hi!

    Thankyou so much for the giveaway!

    My favorite bodyshop product has to be Coconut milk body lotion. I love coconut!! <3

    My new year’s top resolution is to wash my foundation and concealer brushes after every use. By killing bacteria acne is reduced :)

    my email address is:

    Thankyou x

  43. Thanks for a great giveaway! I love the body shop Vitamin E Tinted Moisturiser – great for everyday use because it’s not like a heavy foundation.
    My Beauty resolution is to go through my make up collection and get rid of some of the old stuff that’s been there for ages!

  44. Thanks for this lovely giveaway :)
    My fav product from Body Shop is Body Shop’s Strawberry Lip Balm. I don’t think any lip balm can beat this one :D

    My beauty resolution for this year is to reorganize my entire collection in a proper manner. all my stuff are lying here and there in all parts of my house and cupboard :(


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