I know you can’t see anything! (UPDATED)

Evening ladies!

A quick apology – I know that my background isn’t showing up, and nor are any of my images. My images are hosted on a server belonging to one of Colin’s friends in America, and he hasn’t been online in two days.

I’m looking to change my hosting, I’ve had too many problems with this. I do get it free from Colin’s friend but I’d rather pay for hosting than have my images become unviewable every few weeks – I don’t know about you lot but it drives me absolutely mad!

So unfortunately, until the guy shows up online, there’s nothing I can do about it! With any luck he’ll turn up this evening and I can try and get it sorted for you but until it’s fixed, I’m really sorry!

If anyone has any recommendations for (preferably cheap) hosting, please let me know! I mean ‘proper’ hosting, I can’t use any of the image hosts like Photobucket because I exceed the montly bandwidth limit within a few days.

EDIT: I think we’re pretty much set for now! I ended up buying a year’s worth of Photobucket pro – I had originally disregarded that as an option as I assumed I’d be able to find something cheaper, but it was actually a fantastic price and it’s convenient for me. I’ve uploaded all my blog photos from the last 6 months (I started using that other server in July, all images prior to that were hosted on a free Photobucket account anyway), and am now in the process of going back through all my posts and editing the image URLs. I’ve done all of December and November, and will work back through the other months over the coming week. Panic over!

4 thoughts on “I know you can’t see anything! (UPDATED)

  1. You should look into awardspace.com, they have free hosting options which I’ve used. I believe they are located in the UK and Germany? (I’m in the US)

    And nope, they don’t put ads on your pages (only on pages like 503 and 404 — you know, when someone visits a page that doesn’t exist).

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