Easy Peasy Festive Nails: Presents!

I don’t often do the same nail design on myself twice, but I’m seriously considering re-doing this one as my Christmas day manicure. It’s so, so easy and looks super cute. And here’s how to do it – Christmas nails all wrapped up ;) (see what I did there?)

This would look so good with any colour combination, but I went for a red background as that’s what I already had on (Revlon All Fired Up). I think it would look amazing with dark green, navy, purple etc. Next choose your ribbon colour – I went for gold (China Glaze Passion) but silver would look just as festive! Start your design by creating an off-centre cross on the nail. I just used the polish brush but if you’re not confident doing that then you can use a thinner nail art brush.

Now to add a bow – but you’re actually just gonna make a square over the intersection of the cross at this stage, if that makes sense. Just do two small horizontal or vertical lines over the intersection. In case I’m talking gibberish, I made a little picture to show you what I mean…

You see? Easy :) now the only thing left to do is outlining the ribbon and bow. That’s easier than it sounds too – we’ll start with the bow, so create a like, half-triangle on each side of the square. Then add a little circle to the centre, and finish off outlining the remaining ribbon. You could also maybe add a little rhinestone to the centre of the bow, but I decided not to this time.

Lastly, just seal your design with a topcoat and clean up the edges of your fingers if necessary. Then go show off your adorable festive nails!

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christmas design, though. If I have an idea for a nail design in my head but I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, I usually give it a test run on a nail wheel first. When I did that for this design, I had baby blue ‘wrapping paper’ and bright pink ribbon which looked SUPER cute, so there’s no reason you can’t change up the traditionally Christmassy colours for something else and use it for birthdays or anything else :)

9 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Festive Nails: Presents!

  1. @Jennifer Leigh: Thank you :) Glad you like!

    @Lily: Thank you :) they could! Give it a go!

    @Elly: Thank you! I guess it would be a bit more difficult on very short nails, but this is as short as my nails ever get! Haha

    @Kaushal: Thank you lovely :)

    @Rachel Marie: Thanks!

    @Shifa: Ooh please do :) definitely blog it if you do!


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