Boots Christmas Stars

Do you remember me posting about the Boots ‘Be a Christmas Star’ Competition last month, the grand prize of which was a whopping one million advantage card points? Cor, what a Christmas present that would be… *daydreams*

Boots have picked their winners, and I just wanted to share the montage video with you. It’s great to see how many women of all shapes, sizes and ages entered :) HERE COME THE GIIRRLLS! Do do do do, do do do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do do doo..
Sorry if you’re not in the UK, you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about if you’re not familiar with the Boots adverts!

The very, VERY bloody lucky winner was Kylie Martin from Leatherhead with a classic smokey eye.

Here are Kylie’s five steps to recreating her look:

1. First step is to apply eyeliner. I tend to use liquid for the top and pencil for the bottom lid. Smudge pencil underneath for shadow
2. Apply light shadow up to the brow line
3. Now get your darker shadow and with an eyeshadow brush, apply along the lash line and blend up to the crease of the lid
4. Apply several coats of mascara, wriggle the wand on the lashes to separate
5. Lips and eyes are like legs and boobs – you don’t do both together so keep your lips nude

That’s certainly different, I don’t know anybody who applies eyeliner before shadow! Or am I just being ignorant – do a lot of people do that?

The question is, if you won ten grand to blow in Boots, what would you buy?

10 thoughts on “Boots Christmas Stars

  1. I would love to win ten grand to spend in Boots…I’d get loads of perfume and ridiculously expensive make-up that I’d never normally spend my own money on.
    I’d never apply liner before shadow, especially liquid liner…I’d imagine that putting shadow on top would make it appear really dull? x

  2. Oooft. Jealous? Me? Of course I am! Haha :) I do a similar thing for smokey eyes – eyeliner on the top first and whatever other shadow over it so that the lashline is still dark but not obviously lined. For a classic smokey look, bold eyeliner is a big ‘no no’.

  3. My sister puts a little black shadow over her liquid eyeliner to soften it, and blend it out a little, but I don’t think i’ve heard of many people doing this!
    I would spend it on tring ALL of the brands available in boots! xxxx

  4. I put my eyeliner over or under depending on the look.

    Putting it on under is good for either softening it, or faking colored eyeliner (the effect is dependent on the eyeshadow).

    For example I have this thicker purple eyeshadow that looks great over my black eyeliner. It makes a darker and more vibrant purple where the eyeliner is! I do the same with white eyeliner, with the same eyeshadow I’d get lighter more vibrant purple overtop (which also creates the illusion of wider, rounder eyes).

    Try it :)

  5. if i want a define liner, then of coz liner first, but for smokey eyes, yea i would put liner first and then smudge it out
    but the winning look is so simple..she got 10grand for that???

    xoxo elle

  6. Just seen this, thanks for mention :) I did I step by step video to win with imagery of each stage, simple look, but so many people don’t know how to do it, here is the video just uploaded it:

    Maybe I should have mentioned why for smokey eyes why I put eyeliner on first LOL, but smokey eye is not about defining the eyes. shadow on top allows you to blend and thus a more seemless, softer look.

    I was estatic when I found out, even cried. I am off work at the moment looking after my 1 year old so was a big help for Xmas and will save us a fortune in baby products, nappies and clothing and off course first stop was the channel counter LOL.

    Kylie x

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