Sparkle this Christmas with Sleek MakeUP

Bloody hell, only 37 days until Christmas! I’ve only bought one present so far, but I won’t say what it is ’cause I know my sister reads my blog ;P haha. How far along with your shopping are you?

Sleek MakeUP are hitting us with another stunning palette, because, as they so delightfully put it, ’tis the season to sparkle! It sure is. Feast your eyes on the brand spanking new iDivine palette in Sparkle!

Another beautiful box (I love the boxes nearly as much as I love the iDivine palettes themselves… is that sad?), housing another GORGEOUS palette of mineral based eyeshadows. I am typically a neutral girl in the eyeshadow department, occasionally slipping in a purple or something, so this bunch of sparkly goodness is a welcome change for me and actually has me looking forward to Christmas. I swear, this is the ONLY palette you’ll need for Christmas parties!

For a photo with flash, this is surprisingly colour accurate although the red is a lot more red in person and less pink. These are absolutely loaded with incredible sparkle, guaranteed to grab attention for the festive season. Naturally, I would recommend applying your eyeshadow before your face makeup just in case there’s some sparkly fallout! If you’re going for sparkle on the eyes, sparkle on the cheeks isn’t gonna be welcome ;P

Top row of the palette, top to bottom L-R: Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Star Light, Noir (the obligatory matte black). Please note that Cranberry is more of a sultry red in person and less in-yo-face ;)

Bottom row, same format: Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Gold Ribbon, Tinsel.

You can see that some of the shades are decidedly more sparkly than others. Standout shades for me are Illusion, Festive and Mistletoe – I always love purples and although I never wear greens on my eyes I’m actually really liking the foresty hue of Mistletoe. I will try out a few looks over the next week or so and I’ll be sure to show you the results!

At £5.99 this is an excellent stocking filler, or of course as a little Christmas treat for yourself. The iDivine Sparkle palette hits Superdrug stores and the Sleek MakeUP website on the 24th of November (that’s next Wednesday) and will be available until the 8th of January. Get your mitts on one ASAP!

13 thoughts on “Sparkle this Christmas with Sleek MakeUP

  1. Oh thank you for the swatches, I have been a little… well, bothered by my first Sleek experence during the 50% off sale, but now this palette definitely has this Christmas-y appeal to me :)

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