Something I Suck At

Water marbling. Seriously, I am REALLY bad. Haha!

I’ve only tried water marbling three times before – once around this time last year, then twice in the same day shortly after the first attempt. They were all absolutely abysmal, they are actually still existent on the blog if you were so inclined to go back that far, but I was pants at nails then so I wouldn’t really advise it ;P

Anyway, I decided today was high time I gave it another go. I’ve improved a lot at plenty of nail art techniques since then and naively assumed that I would magically be better at this as well. WRONG!

I watched sooo many YouTube tutorials and such in preparation, but it just sucked. Haha there’s all lumps and stringy bits and ewww. I think it’s just destined to be something I’ll never learn to ace!

Share your water marbling secrets with me below if you think you can help me get good at it!

(P.S. Sorry for not having posted yesterday – I have a giveaway scheduled that I wanted to post yesterday but I’m STILL waiting to hear back from the sponsor about something before it can go live. Fingers crossed for Monday)

23 thoughts on “Something I Suck At

  1. it looks great..i think u just need a perfect polish f0r doin water marble..anyways, love the col0r c0mbi..keep it up! and hey if ur interested u could share this photo on our fab nail arts weekly challenge our themes f0r the week is water marble just email ur photo at fabnailarts at yahoo d0t c0m..

  2. if you think you suck at it…you probably never saw MY attemps with water marble! ah, no, you surely didn’t see them, as I don’t even dare to publish them LOL

    don’t give up, you only need to get used to it!actually, i think it’s quite a nice job!

  3. I haven’t tried water marbling yet. But I’m sure I’ll be way worse than you, so don’t worry.

    I actually like how yours turned out, and the colours look great.

  4. Daww, thanks everyone :)

    @you nailed it: Haha, I didn’t actually intend to have the same pattern on each nail. Trust me, if that is what I was attempting it would at least be vaguely similar. I prefer the design to be different on each nail.

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