An Intervention

Hai ladies, I have a little favour to ask of you!

Sad kitten is sad. :(

In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed my pageviews and comments plummeting, and I feel it’s about time I checked with you guys that you’re still interested in the crap I ramble on about to try and sort it out!

I know that you’re mostly busy people (and I know I’m a terrible commenter, too, I read every post in my dashboard but don’t always comment), but yeah, just making sure! I did this several months back and it helped me get on the right track to providing you lovely lot with what you want to see whilst still posting what I want, so I’m doing it again – I’ve added a little poll in the sidebar over there >>> and I’d really appreciate it if you could take a sec to vote!

Ideas I’ve been thinking of include resurrecting some of my older series, like Question of the Week which was a great way of getting you all involved in SRSLY IMPORTANT beauty related issues (!) ;P, and the Easy Peasy nail design tutorials. Would either of those be of interest? Or should I ease up the focus on nail art and include more makeup – reviews, comparisons etc? And I know some people (myself included) like to read the ‘Weekly Summary’ sorts of posts, but I feel like my life is a bit boring for that! Haha.

Anyway, like I said, I’d be really grateful if you could give me a little bit of feedback. Feel more than free to elaborate on your poll choice in the comments! Thank you xo

29 thoughts on “An Intervention

  1. I like question of the week, but I usually skip over the weekly summary posts entirely.


    I would love to see more makeup reviews, esp. of eyeshadows and lip stuffs. There just aren’t enough swatches of lip stuffs out there!

  2. I would love to see more tutorials! I really like your nail art, and would love to be able to do my own. How about some nail care tips? Make up reviews and the like would be good too. I am totally guilty of reading loads of blogs, but not really commenting. I wish google reader had a feature for it.

    Seriously, you blog is awesome, so just keep doing what you are doing!

    Anna x

  3. Voted :D I enjoyed your Question of the Week posts and of course I love your nail art tutorials!! Reviews are always useful, especially as you use products and brands I know I certainly haven’t tried before :) xx

  4. I must admit I am guilty of reading every post in my dashboard but don’t always comment either – in fact I’m pretty rubbish at commenting! I do enjoy your blog posts though :) I think your nail tutorials and nail related blog posts are great – I loved the little video you did with the colour changing effects of the Claire’s mood polishes recently too. My vote was for more nail tutorials :) xx

  5. i love love love your tutorials honey. And Question of the week is fun. Your reviews are always really helpful and thorough too. Weekly Summary…meh…not so much. :) Hope it helps xx

  6. I don’t visit as faithfully as I’d like – maybe once a week on average? though sometimes twice or three times – but I like the questions, I like seeing the nail art. I’ve got your gradient look and tutorial bookmarked to try when things settle down a tiny bit!

    I’m trying to do quarterly “I loved this, I hated this” posts – because I don’t know that I’d have enough content for weeklies, or even necessarily monthlies. Maybe a monthly wrap-up or listing of stuff you tried, stuff you learned, neat things you found or found out?

  7. I don’t comment as much any more on a lot of blogs because of my limited internet access but just so you know, when I see a post from you lit up in my google reader you get a big smile from me when its nail art/konad/just really nice nail polish related – so PLEASE don’t ease up on the nail art stuff! Carla xxx

  8. Basically I reckon just keep doing what makes you happy – its your blog and it will evolve and change – I know mine is a lot different than when I started it, but you just have to try stuff out. If you just write for other people, you wont enjoy it anyway!

  9. I read yu blog using my google reader, so Im not sure if it shows up that I’m viewing you page? I always read, and never ever comment. Maybe should start.. anyway I love the question of the week idea, and as everyone else agrees, nail tutorials (easy ones!) are great. :)

  10. I always read your blog, but I usually read on my phone and I can’t comment from it. But i love your blog and like I’ve said before your nail art makes me sick ;) xx

  11. I’m still here hun, I too am guilty of reading my dashboard/posts and not always commenting, my phone won’t always let me. I love your nail art and have linked you in my blog a few times. (Konad plate with Rampage with Gosh Hologram over top). I would love to see some more eye make up posts, you have beautiful eyes xx

  12. you’re not the only one hun mine have too. I think the weather and change of season has something to do with it y’know.

    I’d love the easy nail tutorials :D Need all the help i can get :P xx

  13. You have a lovely blog Leanne, you’re writing is really engaging and I read all your posts, weird how blogs go through dips of less readers though isn’t it?! x

  14. I always read your posts too, but am a rotten commenter as usually I am sitting down and checking my dashboard with a coffee and never take the time to type *blush*. I’m trying to improve on that though!

    I’d definitely absolutely love more easy nail art tutorials, especially as it’s nearly Christmas! ;) Keep up the good work, your blog is always one that I enjoy.

  15. I love your nail tutorials especially. You have really inspired me.

    Please don’t stop….

    I am not great at commenting, and I’m sorry about that…will try harder in future!

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