A Huge Thank You

Hey ladies, hope you’re enjoying your weekends so far! Just wanted to publish a quick post to say a huge, massive, colossal, gargantuan THANK YOU for helping me to reach 1000 followers. There’s ONE THOUSAND of you! That’s just unreal to me.

I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep so I’m not in the right frame of mind to thrash out a big gushing post but seriously, thank you so much :). I am quite literally obsessed with my blog, I think about it nearly every waking moment and about what I can post about for you. To be reaching an amount of people in four figures is just gravy! Thank you :D

24 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You

  1. I started my nail art blog a few weeks back and yes, it’s so goood to hear I’m not the only one obsessed with my blog and waking up with it on my mind.

    Congrats on the 1000 followers! That’s a big milestone.

  2. Anonymous– and let me guess, you haven’t got a blogger account yourself because people just LOVE to hear what you have to say?
    I thought not.

    Congrats on the followers, you really deserve it!


  3. Congratulations my love, you deserve every single one of your followers! You know I love your blog ESPECIALLY your nail art which is always completely enchanting, I’ve always been envioius of your fab skills and would actually quite like you to open a nail art bar so I can come and have my talons prettified by you regularly! Lots of love and really well done! xxx

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