Where the USA bloggers at?

Attention, ladies of the States!

I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on some of the Claire’s Mood polishes. We can’t get them over here in the UK, and it’s driving me crazy. So I’m looking for a blogger based in the US to do a swap with!

If you’d like anything by Barry M, GOSH, Collection 2000 or anything else you’d like that you can’t get in the US and are up for a swap, please email me! leanne at donotrefreeze dot com :)

You are perfect if you can budget somewhere between $50 and $75-ish. If we’re going to swap over the pond, might as well make it worthwhile, right? :D

8 thoughts on “Where the USA bloggers at?

  1. I don’t know for sure what’s over there, and honestly I’m pretty well full up on polishes and all kinds of makeup for a while…but I can send you some Claire’s, if you can pay for them. (Sorry!! I know you’re trying to set up a swap.) I know where two separate Claire’s are close to me, so if one is missing some of the colors I can try the other one as well.

  2. I’m in Canada but we have the same Claire’s selection as the US. I’d be into a swap if you’re still looking.

    Email at polish fiend (at) bell (dot) net if you’re interested!

  3. The last time I was in my Claire’s there were a ton of mood polishes available. If any of the offers above don’t work out email me at glamgeekchic @ gmail.com and we can set something up. I’m always up for a good international swap! :)

  4. Me as well. I’m always looking to get international stuff, and I have a Claire’s not to far away.

    They also have some mood polishes at the Meijers near where I live, they are pretty good too…

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