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Kimberley, the total sweetheart behind Libby’s Pink Vanity, has tagged me with this Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you! :)

“The Rules: Tell us 7 things about you then tag 6 other blogs for this award.” Okay, no problem!

1. Aside from my first ever job, which was as a Christmas temp at Lush in 2007, all of my jobs have been waitressing. I enjoy it and I know I’m good at it (trust me, I provide frigging excellent service), but I HATE that it’s the only thing I’m actually good at! I’d love to have a more stimulating job.

2. Colin and I first met when we were both 14, through a mutual friend. We actually live about 50 miles apart but the town we met in was like the central meeting place for all the grunger kids of the South East haha. By complete chance, we ended up at the same college together and the rest, as they say, is history! ;D

3. I am obsessive about writing things down. I always carry a notebook and a little diary so I can jot down to-do lists, shopping lists, appointments and the like. There are only two pens I like using, too – I am a pen snob! One is a Parker fountain pen I bought when I was about 13, it’s rainbow coloured :3 and the other is a Papermate black ballpoint. I can’t write neatly with anything else!

4. My favourite film of ALL TIME is The Aristocats. I’m not gonna lie, I can recite the entire thing by heart. My favourite sound in the entire world comes from The Aristocats, too – in Everybody Wants to be a Cat. The bit after Duchess plays the harp, when Scat Cat blows a few notes (3:31-3:36 in the video below). My mum, sister and Colin all think I’m a complete freak because just that split second of music puts a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes! I just love it SO much.

5. I normally get really into something, then give up on it really quickly. That’s why I’m proud of myself for getting this far with my blog. To think, I could have given it up after one or two posts! Super happy I didn’t, though. I would have missed out on meeting a whole ton of amazing friends and developing a skill I never knew I could be any good at! I’m not in the slightest bit bored of blogging, I always get really excited when an email pops up telling me I have a new comment, and hitting a follower milestone is always a great feeling. I can’t believe I’m only 56 away from 1000 now! You lot are wonderful.
6. You will never find yourself short of onions or celery in my kitchen. We’re all obsessed with them in this house. One of my favourite things to make for dinner is some awesome potato bake thing I invented. I dice new potatoes and par-boil them, then chuck them in the oven for half an hour with chopped onion, celery, peppers, courgettes and a bit of crushed garlic. Towards the end, I grill some bacon, chop it up and mix that in with the potatoes and veg before serving. Om nom nom! (Actually willing to post about this if anyone wants, might be fun to have something different on here!)

7. When I was I think 6 or 7, I got my two front teeth knocked out in a somewhat unconventional way. I was at a roller disco (yeah, they actually had those at my local sports centre), treading carefully in my huge safety skates. One of the supervisors was swinging another skate-wearing kid around by his hands. His skates and my mouth collided – not a pretty sight! I had a fat lip for about a month, and it was around December time so my family incessantly sung ‘All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth’. Very, very annoying. But every cloud has a silver lining – the tooth fairy gave me a £2 coin and a pair of Barbie clip on earrings!

I tag everyone who reads this! Please link below if you do it, or have done it already – I love reading little bits and pieces about everyone! :)

5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Omg I love the Aristocats!!! Apparently the Disney Store have some really cool Aristocat brooches and badges in for £3 – £7 :) That potato bake thingy sounds delish!! Recipe pleasey <3 xx

  2. Definitely would like to see a post about the potato bake! Re point 1, perhaps its not that you are just good at waitressing, its sounds like you have great peoples skills and are a good communicator (whether its writing this blog which is really good or meeting people face to face). Not everyone can do this and waitressing can be a thankless task when you have to deal with horrible customers. Don’t sell yourself short! xx

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